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Feeling Nostalgic

This morning, I got an email from one of my good friends, Audrey, that I have known since middle school. She is back in my hometown, Wheaton, IL, and I am in Boston, over 1,000 miles away. It was so good to hear from her. We both haven't been very good at keeping up with each other. I miss her a lot. And her family. They are one of the best families I have ever met. I haven't been back to Wheaton since Audrey's wedding, over 2 years ago. Since my parents and I are still not really communicating with each other (you can read more about that here and here), I don't know when our next trip out to Chicago will be. There is not much that I miss from my hometown, but sometimes, I do wish I could go back every once in a while, just to visit places that used to mean a lot to me. A couple of things I do REALLY miss are Audrey and her amazing family. Audrey and I were inseperable in high school, especially the first couple of years of high school.  She just had her first baby in March, and I wish so much that we lived near each other so our kids can grow up together. Her little one, Elsie, and Kate would have so much fun together since they are only about 5 months apart! I miss her family too- they took great care of me in high school. They are awesome people!
 I am really happy with our life here in Massachussetts, and plan on staying in New England to raise my family (it's beautiful here!), but I miss little parts of my life in Illinois. Not much, but a few.

I wish I wasn't so bad at keeping up with people that live far away from me. I need to try to make that more of a priority. It's hard to do with three crazy kiddos!
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MultipleMum said...

I am not a great correspondent either. Everyone is so busy these days. I reckon if you make the effort people are very responsive, irrespective of how long it has been between contacts. I am going to put this on my list of New Year's resolutions next year.