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It has begun...

We did it.

We are homeowners :)

After about an hour of signing and initialing a LOT of papers, they handed us our 4 sets of keys! We headed home and Jake and Pappa (my father-in-law), went over to the house to begin working. They took a break (that ended up taking up most of the day) to go buy and pick up Jake's new truck. Now that we are moving off campus, we need a second car. Jake found an amazing deal and ended up getting a nicer truck than he had planned, a white Toyota Tacoma. I think he's pretty happy with it :)

It's finally ours!

We have owned this house since 10am this morning, and already most of the kitchen is gutted, all window trim is removed, and electrical work has begun. Also, our new kitchen cabinets have been ordered! Now that the house is ours, we finally get to start buying things for it! Hooray!

"Before" pictures will start coming soon :)

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One Week

One week from today we get the keys!

We will be homeowners!

I am so proud of how hard we have worked to save save save. And it has paid off. God has rewarded our hard work. He provided a perfect house for us. Well, it's not perfect yet, but it will be once we are done with it :)

I am also super thankful that God made it so clear to us that this was "the house" for us. Out of all the houses we looked at, we knew that this was the one. Even though at first, we dismissed it because of the outside appearance and its small size. But one week from right now, it will be ours! And that's when the hard work begins- remodeling.

After we close, I will start putting up all of our Before pictures. It is going to be a HUGE transformation. I can. not. wait.

Hooray for one more week of renting!

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popcorn picnic!

The other day was SO nice outside, so I decided it would be fun to have a little picnic! The kids loved it and had lots of fun. It was a bit windy, so we had to guard our popcorn so it wouldn't blow away!

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What can I say?

The boy loves dirt!

That's my boy! :)

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love them :)
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2 weeks!

 We close in less than 3 weeks! Hooray!

Things are going pretty well so far. The assessment was done Monday and came back above our offer, which is great.

We did hit a snag in the insurance department. We tried to get set up with State Farm, who we have car insurance through, but it turns out they won't insure us until the roof is redone, but we can't redo the roof until we own it. And we can't get a mortgage without insurance. Hmmmm.... Doesn't make much sense does it? I guess the problem is that Jake is going to do the roof himself, and not have a contractor do it. But, Jake, being the amazing and thorough researcher he is, has found us a few places that will cover us, so now we just have to pick the best one! Thanks Jake!  Then, after a few weeks and the roof is done, we can get set up with State Farm.

I have not started packing yet, even though I really want to. We aren't moving until May 21st-ish. So, we have a while still. 

Jake and I have made great progress in picking out all sorts of things for the house:
-we have picked all paint colors for each room
- the kitchen is all designed and cabinets have been decided. We still have to pick a counter top.
- Siding and roofing have been picked out
- We are currently trying to decide which windows to go with
- we have picked general light fixtures, nothing specific, but we know what we want
- front and back doors have been picked
- we are researching pellet stoves and heat pumps

I am currently laying out all of the rooms in my head- where everything will go and how to set them up. We were thinking of getting bunks for Jonah's room, but I think they would be too big for the room. We might get new bunks for the girls room though, we'll see.

Despite the little snags we have been running into, I am super excited about everything still. I can't wait!

I think that's about it for now.

They are excited too :)
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Kate's coloring adventure!

When did my little baby become such a little girl?! Kate LOVES coloring, much like her big sister, and she does actually manage to color a picture in between the times I am telling her to stop trying to eat the crayon :) After she colors, she gets so proud of herself and wants to show off her artwork. It's adorable. My heart can't handle the cuteness :)

Happy Weekend!

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