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Life these days.

We have had the babe for almost 4 weeks now. Which I find to be somewhat unbelievable, seeing that the waiting-for-a-placement part of adoption seems to take forever, but now that he's here, time is flying at the speed of light. 

Life these days is, well.... crazy. 


We are in the middle of major house renovations. The first floor is nearing completion, but in a few short weeks, we will have no roof and cranes will be hoisting the frame of our second floor up onto our house. 

We started homeschooling last week. The kids are loving it, especially Lily, and it is going fairly smoothly so far. But we are still working on finding our groove, our routine, our rhythm.

Sleep in this house is.....let's just say I wish there was more of it. I am hoping someday soon I will be able to get more than 3 hours at a time.

As for adjusting to life with a newborn again?

I'd say we all have adjusted very well. Surprisingly, the kids have done pretty great for suddenly having to share so much of mom and dad's time and energy. They love this little boy like he has always been a part of our family, which is really awesome to see.

We have quickly adjusted to making bottles, (sometimes one handed!), to lugging that incredibly heavy infant car seat around, to changing diapers, to doubling our dishwasher usage (thanks to said bottles...), to quickly catching spit-up and to all the other little things that you so quickly forget about when you have a newborn in the house. Except the waking up multiple times in the middle of the night. That's a little harder to get used to.

We have been soaking in the snuggles, the squishy cheeks (his are seriously delicious), the soft, fluffy hair, the teeny tiny baby hands and feet (the kids can't get over how small his toes are), the baby yawns (why is it so cute when babies yawn?), and one of my favorites, the baby stretches (he stretches just like Jonah did as a baby and I love it).

While we are enjoying this sweet newborn, we are often snapped back into reality by phone calls, emails, conversations and visits. It's easy to forget that he's not ours until we are reminded about visits with birth parents, check-ins with social workers, doctors appointments where I can give no medical history, questions from strangers about if he is breastfed and why not, and comments from a nosy old lady asking me, in a very rude and judgmental tone, if I am even old enough to have all these kids.

This is a rough process and we are just at the beginning. I am sure that hardest is yet to come.

But, it is worth it. We are giving baby J a loving home where he is safe and cared for. However long he is with us is time well spent, even when it's hard.

Please keep praying for us, as this, even though it's going pretty well, is honestly a very hard season of life. We are so thankful for all of you that are loving baby J right there with us, and for those of you that are supporting us.

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