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Kids chores: our new chore board.

I have been trying to figure out a chore system that would work for our family, especially for our three kids, ages 7.5, 6 and 4.5. 

One that is easy to use, easy to understand, easy to make, but is effective when it comes to actually getting chores done. 

After lots and lots of Pinterest searching and pinning, I found one system that I loved and thought would work well for us. I found it here.

Well, that was about a year ago.....

Today, after much procrastinating, it is finally done! Hooray! 

I started this project off by coming up with a list of chores for the kids. 

Jake and I decided that while chores are to be done because everyone in the family needs to help out around the house, there will also be some extra chores added to give the kids a chance to earn some money. 

(The money they earn will be divided into their 3 jars: Save, Spend and Church)

So, I came up with my list: "Family responsibility" chores and the chores that the kids will earn money for. 

There are lots of family responsibility chores, and for now, just a few money chores. We decided to start off giving the kids each $1 per week if they complete all of their paid chores. 

After I took this picture, I added a $ sign on the clips that are money chores: bathroom, mopping, dusting and trash. 

Each kid gets their own colors: Lily's pins are green, Jonah's are blue and Kate's are pink. These are their chores that never change: put dirty laundry in the basket and clean laundry in drawers, clean up bedrooms, and clean up the backyard at the end of the day. 

The pins that are not colored will rotate each day. So, one day, Jonah will have to take out the trash and bring the bins back up to the house on trash day, Lily will have the chore of cleaning the playroom, or Kate will have to set the table. The next day, the chores rotate. 

I will be adding some seasonal chore clips as well, such as raking leaves and shoveling snow.

My favorite chore that I came up with is the one labeled "Dinner". I came up with the idea that each week, when I am making the weekly shopping list, I will ask each kid what they would like for dinner that week. Each kid gets to pick dinner for one day that week (with some gentle guidance, of course!). Then during the week, when a kid gets the "dinner" chore, they get to help make the dinner they chose. They will help prep dinner, cook dinner and clean up dinner. I think it will be really fun and the kids are most excited about this "chore"! 

Once I finally had my list of chores, I got my supplies ready to make the actual board. 

Jake cut this thin board down to the size I wanted. 

Then I primed it, so it would be ready for the chalkboard paint.

After 2 coats of chalkboard paint, it was ready!

I added this cute string to hang it from. I didn't have a hot glue gun, so I just used super glue to attach it. Hopefully it holds! 

I used chalk to divide the board into three sections, one for each child. 

Then I added some of the pins that I painted and wrote the chores on. 

The pins start out on the top, then once the chore is completed, the kids can move the clip to the bottom. That way, they can easily see what they have finished and what is left to do. 

I am using a little drawstring bag to store the extra chore pins.

I am thrilled it is finally finished. And the kids are equally excited to begin their chores! 

This was very simple to make and didn't require many supplies or tools, but I think that it will be very effective. 

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