wife to Jake, mommy to my 3 crazy munchkins, Lily (7), Jonah (5.5) and Kate (4). Taking this crazy blessed life one day at a time.


she is four.

Oh, my Kate. 

You are four. 

I don't think I have ever seen a child so excited for their birthday. 

You woke me up at 6:15, excitedly telling me that there was only one more day until your birthday.

We went out a few days ago to pick out a few things for your little family party. You were extremely indecisive about which party plates you wanted. After going back and forth a few times, and spending quite a long time in the party aisle in Target, you finally decided on the butterfly plates, cups and napkins. 

You are our little miracle child and you bring so much joy to our family. 

You are very feisty.
 very loud.
 very expressive.
 very funny. 
very loving. 
very silly.

You are such a fun child filled with so much joy.

I truly can not believe that is was 4 whole years ago that we were so afraid for your little life. And 4 whole years ago that God delivered you to us, tiny, but safe. 

Four years. 

Daddy and I really do miss you being a tiny little baby. You were just the sweetest little baby. 

But now you are the sweetest little four year old. 

We just love you so much munchkin. 

I can not imagine what our lives would be like if we had actually listened to all of the doctors 4 1/2 years ago.  

I will forever be grateful that we didn't listen to them and that we chose to trust that God was protecting  you and me. 

Thank you, Kate, for being such a awesome girl and giving so much to our family. 

We love you more than words can express. 

Happy happy birthday my munchkin. 


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