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More thoughts on homeschooling.

Never in my life did  I think I would the words "we are seriously considering homeschooling" would come out of my mouth. 

Yet here we are, seriously considering homeschooling our kids. 

The last time I wrote a post about homeschooling, some of my words were taken the wrong way, and a relationship we had has been broken. 

So, this time, I am going to be very careful with my words. 

Over the summer, we thought about homeschooling and if it would be right for our family this school year. The idea of it was slowly growing on me, but in the end, a job opportunity for me won out over homeschooling. So this year, the kids are at the elementary school right down the street from our house. 

But now that Jake has a new job, and a schedule much different than before, we are back at the homeschool question. 

First, I am going to say that we are seriously considering homeschooling because it feels like it would be best for our family, not because we want to shield our kids from the world.

One reason is scheduling. Jake's new job does not have normal hours. Homeschooling would allow him to be home with the kids a lot more, and he would be available to  help with the schooling. We would also be able to adjust our weekend to Sunday and Monday, since Jake doesn't work Mondays, but does work Saturday mornings. 

Another reason is having the ability to adjust the curriculum to each child. For example, Lily is definitely above a 1st grade reading level, and appears to be ahead in other subjects as well. We would be able to work with her and go at her pace and challenge her more than where she is now.  Or if one of the kids is taking longer in one area, we can take the time to work on it. 

One thing I love about homeschooling is that you can go at your own pace. You don't have to be in a classroom all day. You can learn so much more by experiencing what you are learning instead of only reading about it or doing worksheets on it. I love the idea of spending a lot of time outside the "classroom" (our house) and learning by experiencing, something being in school most of the day can't always give you. 

Now, let me say that Lily and Jonah are both loving school this year. They are both doing really well, love their teachers, have made new friends, and haven't really had any issues with school so far. So, this decision is not based on any negative experiences with their school- we have had no bad experiences there. 

There are other reasons why we are looking into homeschooling, too, but these are the biggest ones.

I think the biggest reason why we are making a decision yet is because we would lose my income, and we don't  know yet if we can survive without it. But the next few months should give us that answer. 

I know that I got a lot of great advice the last time I posted about homeschooling, but if you have any encouraging words or advice, I would really love to hear it. 

I never, ever thought that I would be at this point, but honestly, it is really feeling like the right thing for us. And aside from being overwhelmed with curriculum and wondering whether or not my kids and I would drive each other totally crazy, I am feeling really excited about this! I think that if we don't end up homeschooling, I will actually be pretty disappointed. The idea that I can educate my children myself is really very exciting to me.
It snowed in Maine this weekend! 


Jess Binns said...

Lauren, it is so hard being a mom and making all the "right decisions" for your kids and your family. It is such a huge responsibility. It is obvious that whatever decision you make, you will do your best you can in that situation, and that you won't take it lightly, but give real thought and prayer to it. I have had such a difficult time making this decision, and still kind of feel like I'm taking things day by day, rather than committing to years of this homeschooling thing. It is something I felt called to, really only by God. My family is very critical of my decision, which is difficult to deal with as well. I LOVED school growing up. I became a teacher, I loved it so much. As a teacher, I secretly judged homeschooling families. Right before I had my first, I taught in the same school system where my children would be going now (and I loved it). And here I am - having a blast homeschooling my own kids.
And still, I know its not for everyone. I hope and pray that God makes clear to you and your family where he wants you all to be. That His will is clear and that anything getting in the way of that will fade away. I wish I could tell you what to do (because I wish someone were able to tell me definitively), but you're a smart, caring mom, and you'll figure it out! You know your kids and family better than anyone else.

Unknown said...

I have not embraced the 'homeschooling' paradigm as an identity. Yes, I homeschool my 2nd grader and kindergartner, but it is not our defining characteristic. We are a big family, my husband travels and is in full-time ministry so while often he has a 'regular' schedule, we love the flexibility of travel and adventures. At the beginning of the school year my eldest two went on a road trip to Missouri w/ their grandparents, saw Niagara Falls, did piano intensives, and didn't do school, but came back ready for the next adventure.

Pray about it, and do what you and your husband have peace to face!

I realized I was self-conscious b/c I'm in a very liberal alternative community, and my daughters are dressing like Laura Ingalls Wilder and family every day in our one room schoolhouse, and I don't want people to think I'm one of THOSE people. Seriously? I realized how shallow and selfish that was. My kids are having a blast, being creative, learning and enjoying life and I'm worried about prairie dresses and homeschool assumptions. I don't have any issue w/ schools, but my 2nd grader is reading Laura Ingalls books to his sisters, and working on 5th grade math, and that's w/out a rigid schedule or strict curriculum.

worse case scenario, we go here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM6uqj0_jQc

you and Jake are amazing, and I'm very excited for all of your upcoming adventures, whatever they may be!

Teryn said...

I just started homeschooling my first grader this year and wrote a review on my own blog of what I think so far. The truth is no matter what you choose for schooling there is a cost and I'm not talking finances. There are benefits and challenges with every school option. You have to figure out what's most important to your family. :) http://thetatros.blogspot.com/2013/11/homeschooling-review.html