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Goodbye toys.


I have been meaning to write a post on this subject for a while now. 

Kids have an abundance of toys. Mine included. 

But not anymore. 

A couple of months ago, Jake and I looked around the playroom and were just overwhelmed with the amount of stuff the kids had. To us, it was too much. And most of it, they didn't even play with. It all just ended up in a huge mess on the floor, and then caused everyone to fight when it was time to clean up. 

So, we decided that we would get rid of it. 

And I mean, almost everything. 

It has felt SO good to get rid of  so much. 

And the funniest part? 


They didn't even notice. 

I still need to go through the playroom once more to get rid of the last few things, but it's mostly done. 

We are BIG into toys that encourage independence and creativity. 

Here is what made the cut: 

Inside toys:

Legos would make a great gift- all of my kids LOVE playing with Legos- always a good gift in this house! 

Of course, these are timeless and always provide lots of fun for the kids. 

The kids love using the train tracks and wooden blocks to create elaborate cities, with every building imaginable.

This would also be a great gift for the kids, since we are lacking in good dress up clothes. Not just princess dresses, but other great costumes as well- firefighter, police officer, anything- it shouldn't be just girly stuff! My boy loves to dress up too!

We have a small bin for little cars/trucks/tractors that the kids love to include in the cities they create.

Even with books we are being really intentional. I donated all of the books that we didn't like (like Disney or Dora.... books like that) and are focusing on getting more of the classics- good quality books. 

My kids love to do arts and crafts. They will take recyclables and create all sorts of things. 

They don't like puzzles as much as they used to, but I think they could make a comeback, especially during the winter :)

We do have some random select toys, that don't fit into a category, that we decided to keep. The kids have their own cameras, wind up flashlights, a wooden cash register and maybe a few other small things.

And of course, my kids each have a few special stuffed animals and their special blankets that they have in bed.  We are definitely not adding to our stuffed animal collection though, because somehow, they seem to multiply overnight. 

Outside toys:

We have even gotten rid of almost all our outside toys. Here's what's left:

T-ball + baseballs
soccer balls
our awesome wagon 

Jake just finished building the kids an awesome tree house+ play house with a zip line. So, that's basically what the kids love to play in when they are outside. 

Our kids have really great imaginations, and when they don't have so many toys to get in their way, they really play so much better. 

Plus, there is less for them to clean up! It's a win win! 

I understand that this makes it hard for people to buy gifts for our kids, but we are really trying to be intentional about what is in our house. 

We LOVE gifts that are experiences even more than toys- passes to a museum or a zoo or a game, or helping to pay for kids' sports or activities. 

So unless it falls into one of the things I mentioned above (something that encourages creativity), please don't buy my kids more toys- they really don't need them and are honestly happier without  them! 

If you ask these kids what they want to do as a family on a Saturday, they will all say "Go for a  hike!!"  So much better than video games :) 

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