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one year.

For the past month or so, I have been looking forward to writing Kate's birthday post. 

Partly because it's a fun little way to celebrate my special girl, but also because I was really excited to share a big milestone with everyone. 

But I am pretty disappointed that we didn't actually make it to the milestone we were trying to get to. We came really really close, but missed it by a couple of weeks. 

Kate went almost ONE entire year with no cyclic vomiting episodes. 

Almost a whole year of no vomiting (for Kate, at least) and almost a whole year of not having to think about CVS at all (although it was always in the back on my mind). 

Earlier this week, Kate seemed to have an episode. We are not totally sure that's what it was, since it was a bit different than others she's had. But I think that's what it was. We don't want to admit it, because we want to hope that she is done with CVS forever. But, in my gut, it feels like that's what it was.  

Kate did make it over 1 year since her last active episode, but I was really hoping she would make it to one year since her very last episode (which was on the day of her birthday party last year), which we were able to abort (no vomiting).

I am so thankful that she went so long without an episode, but I am also really sad that this thing appears to still be hanging around and can pop up when we least expect it. 

I am praying that she can go another long stretch before another episode hits, because it is so heartbreaking to have your child vomiting for so long without any reason. 

Like I have said in other CVS posts, I am incredibly thankful that Kate does not have a bad case of it right now. I am also thankful that her episodes are not usually very long, unlike others whose episodes can go on for days and days or even weeks. 

But I pray and pray that it will not get worse for her over time, which is likely when she hits puberty,  and that hopefully, she will outgrow it- the sooner, the better! 

She seems to be past this episode, and hopefully will not have another one for a long long time. 

Her dream come true- riding a real horse! 

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