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Some big news!

I have been waiting to write this post for quite a while. 

But today is finally the day. 

There are some big changes happening in the Kreyling house right now. 

I am so proud and excited to tell everyone that Jake is now a full time firefighter with the Wenham Fire Department!

It has honestly been a crazy and emotional few months, but now, everything is finalized and in place, and it feels great. 

Jake's first day is tomorrow! 

While we are really excited abut this new change, it is also rather bittersweet. 

Jake has worked for Gordon since he graduated, and for the four years that he was a student there. So much of our lives have been connected with Gordon, it is actually very strange to be leaving. We both went to Gordon, Jake has worked there full time for 9 years, we lived there for almost 5 years. So it is difficult to leave this place that has been our home for so long. 

But this new change is good. It is right. It is what we need and it is a perfect fit for Jake. The department is thrilled to have Jake coming on board and I think that this is really the best thing for us. 

Jake will be just the third full time firefighter for Wenham (the rest of his department is a call department- they respond when a call come in), along with the chief and one of the captains, who is also the fire inspector. 

Please keep us in prayer as we adjust to this new career and new schedule, as it will take a little getting used to since we have been in the same routine for our entire marriage! 

Thank you to all that have been praying along with us as we have been going through this process. We are really excited for these new changes and what the future holds!

Firefighter Daddy! This picture is 2 years old, but I love it :)


Samantha Nicole said...

It's finally public knowledge! I've been praying for you guys ever since Peej told me Jake was applying in the spring. I'm so excited to see how God uses this in your lives, and I'm sooooooooooooooo happy that Jake is finally going to be doing what he loves full-time! (Even if I do have a pouting collegiate on my hands now. ;) Love you all sooo much, and my prayers are always with you!!! *hugs*

Lauren said...

Thank you Sam!!! We are very excited and Jake loves it :). Can't wait to see you and PJ soon!!