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Our 1st ER visit.

It finally happened. Our first ER visit for one of the kids. 

Honestly, I am amazed that we went 7 years without having to take any of our kids, especially with Lily running and climbing anything in sight. We thought for sure she would be our first one to go- we thought with a broken bone. 

But no, it was our littlest munchkin. 

Kate was sort of running, but it was kind of just a fast walk, ahead of me at the elementary school. We had just dropped Jonah and Lily off and we were almost out the door when Kate tripped and fell right into the edge of a metal door frame. 

The sound was enough to make your heart stop. It was horrible. 

There were parents and kids all over since it was drop off time, and everyone stopped to see if she was okay. 

She started screaming and I ran and scooped her up. I was heading outside to take a look and calm her down, but I looked down at her and her whole face was covered in blood. And so was her dress and my jacket. 

It was pretty terrifying seeing her like that. 

I turned around, went back into the school and asked for help. I rushed her into the nurses office, where the nurse got some gauze or something to stop the bleeding. After a couple of minutes, we cleaned off her face a bit to see what was going on. 

Kate had a huge (I say huge because to me, it was HUGE. In reality, it is maybe a little over an inch long) gash on her forehead. To me, it looked really bad. I don't want to get too into the details of her cut, but it was pretty wide open- enough to see things coming out of it. That's as far as I will go. I could hardly look at it- it made me so queasy.

I called Jake to tell him to come back home (he had just left for work) because I knew she would have to go in for stitches. 

I carried Kate home, Jake took a look at her, and I left for the ER. 

Thankfully they got her right in. 

They numbed it, said it was too big for the glue they use, and put in 5 stitches in instead. Then we had to wait a bit to see if she had a concussion, since she hit her head so hard.

Now, let me say how proud I am of Kate. After she calmed down right after she fell, she did not cry or complain ONE time. She was perfect at the hospital and didn't even wince during the stitches. Honestly, she could not have been better. Such a brave little girl :)

After a few hours at the hospital, Kate was starting to act more like herself and was itching to get home. 

Everything has been going well as far as Kate healing up. 

The only issue we ran into was some pretty significant swelling 6 days after. We got into the doctor and it turns out that Kate was having a reaction to the stitches. So, out they came. Thankfully, they were supposed to come out that afternoon anyway. 

So, she is still healing up, but it is finally starting to look a little better. It still looks pretty gross, to me at least. But it is getting better each day. 

So, that's our first ER experience. I am so thankful that it was just for stitches and not something more serious. I am also thankful at how awesome Kate has been the past week. 

And I am praying that we will not have to go back to the ER for quite while. Or ever. That would be just fine with me. 
Right after we got home from the hospital

Having some fun with the band aids. 

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