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First day of school- 1st, kindergarten, preschool.

Right this moment, none of my kids are home. 

They are ALL at school. 

This is the first day that has ever happened. 

A few years ago, I would have been THRILLED at the thought of all my kids being at school, giving me a break. 

But, I'm not. 

This is the 5th year that I have sent kids off to school (Lily had her first year right when she turned 3), and it is by far the hardest. 

I don't think I am having a hard time with it because I am just an overly emotional mom. Well, that might be part of it.... 

but I really think that God has been changing my heart and opening my eyes more and more to how He wants things to be. 

He has changed my perspective of my kids, and is changing how I once thought they should be raised. 

I never ever thought that I would consider homeschooling. But, honestly, I feel like God might be leading us in that direction.  

I am also having a hard time with the fact that my kids are getting older. And that makes me sad. 

But, I had to send them to school anyway. 

Today is Kate's very first day of school. Friday was Jonah's first day of kindergarten. Lily started 1st grade a couple of weeks ago.  It just blows my mind that we are already here- no more babies or toddlers running around. 

1st grade

Kate's visit day- too cute not to share



Outside of her school

First day of soccer!

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