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So far, summer has not been terribly relaxing.

In fact, I feel like we have not really started summer yet because we have been so busy. 

We've been working on my new laundry room and new half bathroom (pics to come! It's looking great!), we went to the Poconos, we went to a wedding, I had jury duty, Jake's been working lots and lots of hours at the fire station, we've been working on our garden (but honestly, it looks a bit unruly at the moment...), I started watching a new full time 13 month old, Lily and Jonah are going to our church's music camp this week, we've had doctors appointments, we've had family visiting, I won Red Sox tickets (Woohoooo, date night! Can't wait for August 2nd!), we had a bit of a plumbing emergency, and we found out that Jonah is having surgery on August 13th- tonsils and adenoids (if you have any advice on this, please share with me!). 

All of this, and more, just in the past 2 weeks. 

I am at that point in my life where I wish there were more hours in each day. 

Things have been good, just really busy. I keep waiting for life to slow down, but that just isn't happening.

But back to Jonah. 

After visiting an Ear Nose and Throat doctor a couple weeks ago, it was decided that it's best if Jonah gets his tonsils and adenoids removed. He gets so many throat infections every year. His adenoids are enlarged and his tonsils "look like golf balls". The funny thing is that Jonah is actually looking forward to his "injury", as he calls it (he means surgery, though). We've been reading the book "Goodbye Tonsils" and he is VERY excited for all of the ice cream, popsicles and gum he will get after. He also thinks he will get presents thanks to that book. 

My plan so far is to take him out shopping, just him, for things he can have after the surgery. He needs lots of fluids and only soft foods for a while. Then he will need lots of time on the couch resting. I am praying that recovery will be okay for him because 2 weeks later he starts up with his kindergarten visit day and screening at school. His first day isn't until Sept. 5th though, so he will have a bit more time to lay low if he needs it. 

So, I suppose summer is going well so far, it's just been non-stop so far. And it's flying by! At Target today they were already setting up the displays for back to school. 

I am sort of in denial that at the end of next month I will have a 1st grader, kindergartner, and preschooler. Where does the time go?!?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Henry had his adenoids out/tubes in ears in Feb. The 10 min surgery turned into 45 min and afterwards the Dr said it was the biggest adenoid he's ever seen in a child that small. Henry was sleepy that whole day, never needed a pain killer and was back to normal the following day. We gave him smoothies for meals but the recovery was really fast. He's possibly going to have his tonsils out too.

Jenni said...

Well, Lauren it's been MANY years since I had my tonsils out, and surgeries have come a long way since then. I remember a couple of days of pain and that's about it. The shopping trip is a great idea - planning ahead gives him some control over the situation. Maybe some new fun jammies to wear in addition to favorite ice creams (stay away from hard pieces like chips, though). Those freeze pops in tubes are great, too - a lot of sugar, I know, but it's only for a few days. We'll be praying for him on surgery day!