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Jake has been a firefighter for just over 2 years now. 

He honestly never ceases to amaze me with the dedication and hard work he puts into firefighting. 

Now, don't get me wrong. If you know Jake at all, you know that he gives 150% towards everything he does. 

But there is something about firefighting, he makes the extra effort to give even more. 

And I must say, he is one amazing firefighter. 

And he loves it. 

It's different being on the other side of things. 

Like most everyone else, I never thought too hard about our everyday heroes. I respected them and thought they were incredibly brave and selfless. And you just know that in an emergency, they would be there helping and saving lives. 

But now that I am on the other side, I can see that it's so much more than that. I can see the sacrifices they make, how hard they work, how much training they go through, the sacrifices their families make, how they are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to run out the door when that tone goes out, and how certain calls can really take their toll, emotionally and physically. 

Last night, there was a bad car accident, not too far from our house. The tone went off and Jake was out the door. He came home nearly 2 hours later- that's how I knew it was a bad accident. 

He comes home and I can tell that it was a hard call for him.

He came and sat down next to me- it was late, but I wanted to say up and wait for him.  He tells me a bit about the accident. How he was the one that had to crawl into the mangled car to check on the guy that was crushed and trapped inside. How he was holding the man's head still and talking to him the whole time, keeping him calm and still while firefighters outside the car cut and sawed pieces of the car away to free them both. How the injured man squeezed Jake's hand when he was scared and thought he might die and how he finally helped get him out and loaded into the ambulance after being trapped for over an hour. 

These heroes experience so much on these calls, and then they come home and sit on the couch with their wife, just like any other person. 

When Jake was talking to me about the accident, I couldn't help but think " You honestly just did all of that in an hour and half, trying to save a man's life, and now you are just sitting here on our stained IKEA couch sipping your drink. Something about that seems off."  

It seems like after doing something that heroic and amazing, it just seems strange to be doing something so ordinary. 

These men and women at true heroes. Not that I didn't know that before, but now that I can see the other side of it, now that my husband is one of those heroes, it is just so obvious now. 

If you see one, just say thank you to a fire fighter or anyone else that works in public service. I promise it will make their day and they will feel so appreciated. 

This is the accident- pray for the man that was injured- we don't know if whether or not he made it. 

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Samantha Nicole said...

If I've learned only one thing while dating PJ, it's that our servicemen (be they police men, firefighters, soldiers, or veterans) need to be thanked and appreciated... It breaks my heart when people just walk by or are rude to men and women who put their lives on the line for our safety. May God bless all our heroes, and may they all receive the thanks they are due!

And remember to hug their wives and kids because they're the home front heroes. :)


P.S. I was soooo bummed to miss you guys on Sunday! We'll come visit soon!!! :D