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For Lily.

Dear Lily,

My heart is sad tonight. 

Tonight, you came to me crying. You were so so sad. You said that you didn't want to grow up because you thought that once you grow up you won't get to see Kate, Jonah, me or Daddy anymore. 

I know why you thought that. And it breaks my heart. 

I held you and tried to calm you down. 

I talked to you and told you that we will always be there for you, and so will Jonah and Kate. 

Lily, I am so sorry that you  had reason to believe that once you are a grown up, you don't see your family anymore. But I promise you that no matter what, we will be there for you and love you. Always. 

Your Daddy and I pray for you and your brother and sister everyday. For your heath and safety, for the present, for the future, for your relationships and for so so much more. 

You are in good hands baby girl. You have a God that loves you, a family that loves you and lots and lots of friends that love you too. You are a very loved little girl. 

And we will always be here.


I love you to the moon and back munchkin. 

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Auntie Joanne said...

Lauren, I love you and this wonderful family you and Jake {and our Lord} have created. I know that someday you will hear our Heavenly Father say to you "well done, good and faithful servant"!