wife to Jake, mommy to my 3 crazy munchkins, Lily (7), Jonah (5.5) and Kate (4). Taking this crazy blessed life one day at a time.


Life with 3.

Jake and I didn't intend on having 3 kids, especially 3 kids age 3 and under. 

I was terrified when we found out Lily was on the way. But once she was here, things were okay. Don't get me wrong, adjusting to parenthood was NOT easy, but she was MY baby. I knew her. I knew what she needed. I was her MOM. 

Lily was an awesome baby (our troubles with her began around 18 months or so..... can you say SPIRITED??) . Jake and I loved being parents and we knew that we wanted our kids to be pretty close in age. So, when Lily was about 7 months, we began trying for another baby. Oddly enough, it took us about 5 months to get pregnant with Jonah. Our 2 girls were a total shock but when we were actually trying, it took us a few months. Crazy right?

Jonah was born when Lily was 21 months old. Things were great. The transition from one to two kids was shockingly easier than I thought. 

Then along came Kate. She was born when Jonah was 17 months old. Lily had just turned 3. 

Suddenly, I had 3 kids 3 and under. YIKES. 

It was HARD. Yes, you heard me. Oh so hard. I was in it. Deep in it. 

I don't think I really got a handle on things until Kate was around 9 months old. 

Everyone told me that once you are "out of it", things got better. But it felt like I would NEVER be "out of it". 

That was not an easy time in my life, but I told myself that someday, it would be worth it. We would be out of the thick of it and my kids would be so close and things would be awesome. 

You know what?

We're ALMOST there! 

I have survived, and dare I say it, even thrived, being "in it" and we are on the verge of leaving that stage behind.

Can I tell you a secret? 


Life is already so different, just 3 years later. I miss what our life was like when the kids were all so little. Days where we didn't have to rush off to school in the morning, or soccer or gymnastics. Days with naps, babies sleeping in my arms, tummy time, high chairs and sippy cups. 


Life was, and IS, crazy hard having my kids so close in age. But it is SO WORTH IT. 

My kids are best friends. And I love that they get to grow up with each other. Now that they are 6, 4 1/2, and 3, certain things have gotten so much easier and so much fun. 

I am pretty positive that parenting will NEVER be easy (well, maybe when they are adults??).  As they grow, certain things will get easier as others get harder. 

I honestly can not believe that I am almost on the other side of "it". It felt like we would be in it forever. But here we are, just a moment later, almost out of it. 

I know that I have posted before on how fast time flies with kids, and I don't think I will EVER get used to it, or be okay with it.

Mamas of little ones, you WILL get through it. I know how hard it is. How hard it can be to trudge through the same thing every.single.day. How you feel like you got nothing done all day long. When you feel like you can't take one more kid crying or whining or else you will lose it. How it drives you crazy when your stubborn 3 year old won't nap and then wakes up the napping babies. Trust me. I know. 

You will make it through. One day, you will suddenly realize that you did it. You can see light at the end of the tunnel. 

But, just a warning, once you get there, you'll find yourself looking back through that tunnel, wishing you could go back, just for a little while.

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