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For my baby girl...

My Dearest Kate,
Today, you are 2. I can't believe it. I wish I could freeze time for a little while and just cuddle you and sniff your sweet smell over and over, while you still let me.
You were such a surprise to us, and gave us so many scares while you were growing in my belly. So many people prayed for you. And those prayers were answered, you came to us 2 years ago today, a little, but healthy baby girl.
You are such a sweet girl. You are so caring and loving. You are a wonderful listener and great at sharing. You are so smart and curious about everything. You love your big brother and sister so much, and want to do everything they do, even if you aren't quite ready yet. You bring so much fun and joy to our family, Kate. Your daddy and I are much better parents now that you are a part of our family. You love to talk, take care of all of your babies, read and color. You love to run around and try to do everything by yourself. You are a feisty little one.
Kate, you are such a special little girl. Your little face and smile can light up room no matter what is going on. You are incredibly friendly and everyone just loves you to pieces.
Kate, I am beyond happy that God gave you to us because our family just would not be complete without you.
We all love you so much baby girl. We still call you baby, even though you are not a baby anymore. And yes, that makes Mommy and Daddy sad. I wonder when we will stop calling you "baby". I can not put into words how much we love you, Kate. You are truly a gift from God.
Happy Birthday little one!!

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Brian Hoch said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! November 16th is a good day!