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My very first photography award.

A few months ago, I entered a Mass Audubon photo contest.

Honestly, I kind of forgot about it.

Until I got an email a few weeks ago saying that I was one of the 24 finalists (out of 2700 pics). Yay!

Even better, we were invited to a celebration where they would announce the winners. I wasn't really thinking of going- I really didn't think I had any chance of being one of the winners. But Jake was really supportive and wanted to make the trip down to the celebration.

Well, last Sunday, we made the trip, mingled with other photographers, ate some tasty food, and browsed the other 23 pictures.

The time came to announce the winners. There were 4 categories- Best Wildlife Pic, under 18, Best Wildlife Pic, over 18, Grand prize winner, under 18 and Grand Prize over 18.

And, amazingly enough, I got this:

Honestly, I was shocked! I went forward to have my picture taken with the President of Mass Audubon and get my certificate. I looked back at Jake and he was standing there, with the 3 kids, with his arms up in the air cheering for me! Ha! Definitely put a big smile on my face :)

So, as a "Best Wildlife Sanctuary Photo" winner, I went home with a sweet Mass Audubon tote bag filled with little goodies, plus my picture will be in one of their magazines, and in our local paper.

So, it's not a BIG photo contest, winning lots and lots of money, but, I am pretty happy about it :) And really happy with how my photography is going. In the past 6 months, I have won the Mass Audubon contest, was a top 50 finalist, winning $50 in a Veria photo contest, and one of my pictures was picked for the Mass Audubon Groupon! (Click on each of the links to see my pics)

So, I am really happy with the way things are going. Once we can afford it, my next step is to get a new camera. Like, an amazing DSLR camera. Maybe a Digital Canon Rebel or Nikon. Not sure which one I want yet. Still lots of time left to research.... I am SO excited to see what kind of pictures I will be able to take once I do have a more professional camera! Someday!

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Mama B said...

That is so fun! Congratulations!

School Resources said...

Very funny!!!