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6 years in a nutshell

I have been thinking about my life lately. About how busy we always are. Then I realized, that since Jake and I have been together, there is always something going on that is making our lives crazy  busy.

2005: Date/Fall in love
2006: Get married, move and have baby #1
2007: Travel a lot, buy first new car and get pregnant with baby #2
2008: Travel, Baby #2 arrives, more travel and 5 weddings
2009: Pregnant with baby #3, high risk pregancy, baby #3 arrives
2010: Adjust to life with 3 kids 3 and under (which was really hard), sell first new car and buy 2nd new car, take 2 family vacations
2011: Buy first house (!!!), flip new house and work on it non-stop for months and months, move into new house, husband becomes firefighter and starts 6 months of intense academy, and I start babysitting 4 days a week.

And here we are, nearing the end of 2011. I can see a clearing in sight. Jake graduates academy on Jan. 4th. There are no more major house projects until late spring/summer of 2012 (new front steps, landscaping, and other smaller projects). But all of the BIG projects are DONE (projects like... making our house livable!)! Pretty soon, Jake won't have to worry about working on the house everyday after he gets home from work. We'll be able to spend more time together as a family!

Sometimes we wonder if there will ever be a time when things aren't crazy or there isn't something major going on. One of the biggest things we have learned since we have been together, is that God is 100% in control. We can try to plan our lives, but in the end, God's plan is always greater. So, I say that 2012 looks like year that our lives are finally going to start to settle, but really, I have no idea what God has in store for us!

I do know that this weekend is the first family weekend that we have had in a LONG time and we are all very excited!!

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