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Crazy? It's not such a bad thing.

Life has been a bit crazy lately.

Schedules, work, academy, kids (especially a certain 5 year old...), everything has been crazy.

When people walk into my house, there are usually toys spread all throughout the house. There are crumbs on the floor, since it seems that sweeping 3+ times per day just doesn't cut it. There are dirty dishes in the sink and kids running around like little crazy people, who are usually missing at least one article of clothing. For some reason, my kids seem to go especially insane when we have friends/guests over. They just can't seem to contain their excitement one second, and therefore unleash these intense feelings on our poor innocent friends. And many times, I feel that people see this "crazy" as a bad thing.

The kids do have an amazing amount of energy and I am always struggling to keep up with them. They are not the type of kids that always have clean clothes or nicely brushed hair. Lily's hair has a mind of it's own. 2 minutes after I brush it and do something nice with it, like braids or a cute ponytail, it looks awful. They are not the type of kids to play quietly. They are loud. All the time. They constantly have dirt smeared across their faces and many multi-colored spots and stains on their clothes.

Up until a few days ago, I tried to fight this never ending battle. I was trying to make them be a certain type of kid. I guess the type of kid I pictured in my head. I see kids in the library or doctors office that sit nicely and quietly, reading a book or talking quietly and wishing that my kids were like that. I see kids that are perfectly dressed and keep their adorable clothes clean and their hair looking perfect. I wanted my kids to be like that- clean clothes, nice hair, a good sense of style (something I lack...).

For some reason, it has taken me 5 years to figure out that my kids just aren't like that. I don't need to try to change them. I guess I thought that it was something I should teach them, like their ABC's or 123's. But that isn't something I can teach them. It's who they are. They are loud, crazy, dirty kids. But you know what? They sure know how to have fun. They have amazing imaginations and are very artistic and Lily is extremely athletic. They know how to play really well together (but of course, like all siblings, sometimes fight like there is no tomorrow). They are great at sharing. And best of all, they are best friends. One of my favorite things is to see them playing together.
So, I have been trying not jump on them for getting dirty, or being loud (to a certain degree...) or running around the house in their underwear, or any of the other crazy things they do. I want to embrace them for who they are, not try to change them. They are the kids God created them to be, and I want to let them be kids. Let them explore, create, imagine and dream. They honestly are amazing kids, and I could not love them more than I already do.
Even if they are a bit crazy :)

Note: This does not mean that the rules go out the window! Rules still apply, I guess it's just me relaxing on the little things that, when I really think about, don't matter much to me, but matter so much to them :)

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Anonymous said...

Preach it sister! I keep finding that my life is more joyful when I figure out my "priorities" meaning what things need to be corrected because it's what's best for them and what things do I need to chill out on or let go of. And I try to remind myself that in just a few short years I'll look back on these days and miss how my kids were today. So here's to delighting in your kids! Praying God's joy for you this week!
Rachel Kuehner