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Just let them play

Since we are about to make a playroom in the basement, I have been thinking about the kids and their toys.

When we were packing up at our old house to move to our new house, I decided to get rid of all of the kids' electronic toys. I have been very happy with that decision.

Sometimes I think, "oh, it would be fun for the kids to have that electronic toy (like a leapster or something like that), maybe it could help with their writing, reading....". But I am glad that we don't have any those toys.

I want my kids to learn how to entertain themselves, not have something entertain them. I don't want them to be limited by a toy, I want them to find endless ways of playing with a toy, using and stretching their imagination. I want them to learn how to read and write from me or Jake or a teacher at school, not a little electronic device. When we are out at the store, or at an appointment, yes, it would make it so much easier to have a toy like that, or give them my ipod to play with, but I want them to learn how to act and behave in situations like that. I want them to figure out ways of entertaining themselves, with books or games they make up, or something like that. Yes, that makes outing difficult at times, but they are learning.

Yes, the kids do watch TV and we did get a portable DVD player for the car for long car trips, but that's about it.

My kids don't have their own ipod, they don't play on my computer or with my ipod, they don't play video games or the wii.

Of course this will change over time, as they get older. But for now, they are still very young, and they have lots of fun with books, blocks, trains/car/trucks, dolls, tools, arts and crafts and playing outside.

So, if you would like to get them an electronic toy, please check with me first.
(I know one thing that Lily really wants is a digital camera (like this one), and that would be a good thing for her to have, since she loves taking pictures.)

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Mama B said...

I am totally with you on this! Even though my wee one is way to young for any of that now, this is something that is important to me as well. Imagination is the best!