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My silly boy

Jonah is our one kid that still wakes up crying a couple of times a week. Usually it's because he can't find something, his blanket or his pillow, or because he slid off of his bed (which is literally 7 inches off of the ground, don't worry!).

Last night, around 1ish (I think, I don't quite remember...), I wake up to Jonah's cries. I stumble out of bed and make my way into his room.

I kneel down to his bed (he sleeps on the bottom bunk) and say, "Jonah, what's wrong?"

And to that he replies," Don't call me "Sir"!"

Trying to hold back my laughter, I say to him, " Okay, Jonah, I won't".

And that was it. That's all he wanted to say!

Then I tuck him back in, and maybe steal a few snuggles and kisses along the way, and he mumbles a few things while drifting off to sleep.

Such a silly little guy :)

Definitely gave me a good laugh!

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Thank you!

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