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Life these days...

How we are really doing:

We have never been so busy. Jake is working almost non-stop, either at his day job, at the fire department, or on the house.
I am busy with the kids and the house and watching 2 extra kids, 3 days a week.

Things are much better then a year ago. I have worked on myself, as a parent, so much. Working to be more patient. Working to really understand my children and figure out why they do what they do or act the way the do. Working extra hard on how I handle my anger.

I do still need to work on not raising my voice to the kids so much. But it's so hard. They are LOUD. Most of the time I am just trying to get them to hear me!

One thing we, Jake and I, do need to work on more is spending more time with God, reading His word and spending more time in prayer, with each other and on our own.

Sometimes I still feel like I can't quite catch up. With the 3 kids, sometimes I feel like I can't stay on top of things. And because of that, sometimes other things get left out. Trips to the zoo, museums, aquarium, camp, sports. I want to be super organized and ahead of the game, planning all of these awesome day trips, or signing Lily up for camp, or figuring out what sport to get Lily into. Being a mom these days is hard (well, I suppose that it has always been hard!). We are expected to always be ahead, on top, prepared for every possible situation. I feel like I am not there yet. I feel like I am running to try to catch up.

 I did sign Lily up for soccer this fall, which she is super excited about (as am I)! Sometimes I wish we had more money so that I could get the kids involved in whatever interests them. Lily is our little athlete. She is good at everything. I have been trying to figure out what sport would be best to put her in, which one she would enjoy and thrive in the most. I think that gymnastics would be great for her. Too bad it is SO expensive! She has also blossomed into a GREAT swimmer! She is already diving off of the diving board! But she also loves soccer. I guess we will start with soccer this fall and maybe get her into swim lessons this winter?  If anyone wants to know what to get Lily for a birthday or Christmas present, sign her up for a sport, I promise that is what she would love the most!

So, things are going well here, just super busy and trying to catch up to my kids, who are growing oh so fast. I honestly can not keep up!!

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Nicole Luther said...

Hi Lauren,

I stumbled across your blog from a comment on Nesting with Niall, and wanted to touch down on how you mentioned wanting to not raise your voice as much. I think this is such a great idea! I am a behavioral therapist so I work with parents and kids of different levels of behaviors... some are pretty moderate and normal, while others are more intense and severe. Something that I commonly see is a parent using their voice as much as they possibly can through yelling, or even just slightly raising their tone... and normally, I see fairly unresponsive kids (or kids who respond right then in the moment, but seem to forget the request later in the day). For example, I had one kid who would get very frustrated and would yell when he was trying to do something... while I started teaching him that he could just ask for help instead of screaming, and praising when he did ask for help... he was still raising his voice quite a bit. So then I made a picture (visual) of a smiley face with it's finger over it's lips (displaying that a whisper is needed). Instead of telling him he needed to repeat things calmer, like his mom always did, or sometimes she would get upset and yell "shhh," I would simply place the picture in front of him. He would look at the picture for a moment, then look at me and very softly whisper that he needed help. I praised big for that, and every time there was a scream, instead of saying anything, I placed that picture in front of him. About an hour into it, he was autocorrecting himself and the problem has then been fixed. A problem that had been going on for months and months was easily fixed without any words!

Visuals are a great way to show that it's certain times of the day (nap time, quiet time, etc)... and a good way to help complete tasks or follow requests. I just made a post on visuals last night, so it's a little crazy how well it ties into this. I would love to chat more about how visuals could help you raise your voice left!