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So I am going to go ahead and say that the majority of my posts from now on are going to involve our new house. I apologize. But it's what is going to be taking up lots and lots of our time and money and thoughts.

On that note: we had the inspection yesterday and it went very well. We discovered a few things that are making us change our renovation plans, in a good way. Less to do right off the bat. Which is awesome.

Right now we are researching siding, insulation, kitchens, appliances, paint, hot water heaters, roofs and furnaces. Hmmm, did I forget anything? I hope not- that's a BIG list! I will admit that I am not really doing much of the research, Jake is. He's really good at it. I have had my mind on all of the little things like paint colors, arragement of furniture, decorating kids' rooms, and organzing.

There are so many things I am super excited about! A few of those things include:
- a dishwasher
- my own washer and dryer
- a closet in the bathroom!
- a laundry chute
- a fireplace
- pre-k soccer for Lily at the school 1 block away
- a bathtub!

I could seriously go on and on about the things I am psyched about. I know that it is going to be a lot of work fixing up this house, but I know it is going to be SO worth it! 

Closing date: March 31st- can't wait!

Is it too soon to start packing?  :)

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Rachel said...

I understand the excitement, we just closed on our first home in Jan and I am just starting to paint. Best of Luck can't wait to see/hear about the changes!!