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More answered prayers

Things with the house are going well.

P&S signed. Loan granted. Now we wait for March 31st and hope there are no big hiccups along the way!

Planning is going well. Our kitchen is designed, paint colors picked out. We are currently picking siding and windows. Fun stuff!

It turns out that after we move, I will still be able to watch Mason and Molly, which is such a blessing! It will be a huge help each month with all these new expenses we are acquiring! That is definitely an answer to prayer.

 We received another answer to prayer today too! Right now our living situation revolves around us being caretakers. Once we move, some, if not all, of our caretaker responsibilities will no longer exist. Well, since we were planning on moving before graduation (busy busy time of year), that was creating a few problems, like who would take over my job until the end of the year? Would Jake still be able to do the landscaping for the graduation/end of the year events? With all the questions in the air, they decided that they want us to stay here until graduation so we can finish out the year. So, they are not going to charge us rent to stay until graduation.

That means that we won't have to pay for rent and a mortgage at the same time, which obviously is awesome. It also means that Jake will have a lot more time to work on the house before we move in. Now, even though this is good news and an answer to prayer, I still have mixed feelings about it. I am so psyched to move. I want to get into our house ASAP. I am also SO excited to be done with my caretaker position of cleaning the guest suites. I was really excited that March was going to be my last month of that. Now I have to go through the middle of May :( Bummer.

Lily still won't be able to go to kindergarten next year, which I am SO bummed about. She misses the cut off by one day. Stinkin' state law... 
But the school told us about town preschool at another elementary school about a mile down the road. So we are looking into that if she doesn't get the scholarship to go back to the seminary preschool. We'll see what happens! 

By the way, I am so ready for spring. It needs to come ASAP.  

Kate- 15 months!
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stephanie said...

CONGRATS on the house Lauren! You are totally allowed to have entirely house-centric writings from now on! Can't wait to hear about your new adventures!

Liz said...

I want to see pictures as you transform your new house into YOUR house!!! So exciting and congrats again. Good times...glad you were so patient to wait for what God had in store!