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What is this feeling?

 Could it be? I think it is! It's Happiness! Today, I am feeling genuinely happy. Now, it's not that I haven't been happy before, but today it just feels different. I feel content. I am not feeling overwhelmed by my 3 kids, like I have been feeling for, well, since Kate was born actually. Also, all three seem to be in a good stage right now and have actually been pretty darn fun to be around! It's about time!

Last night I actually sat down and wrote out a schedule for today, and so far, I have stuck to it! And that's even including running, with all 3 kids, this morning. Whoa- I haven't been running in a while. Like a month or two. My summer goal of running 3 days a week went out the window at week one. Whoops. But, I went this morning! That's good right? I am starting slow, since I am an out of shape mom of three that is pushing the two littlest ones in the stroller while big sister rides her bike. I started off great, and I think I could have run the whole mile without walking ( my first milestone) except for THE ITCH. I was just starting into my third lap when it hit. This awful burning itch on my legs. Now, this isn't the kind of "wow, what a great workout- I can really feel the burn" kind of burn. This is like " wow, this itchy burn is so unbearable that if I start scratching it will only get worse and I think I will scratch the skin right off my legs" kind of itchy burn. SO, my questions to you is "What the heck it is?!" It is because I am more out of shape than I thought? Is it an allergy? I don't think it's from being too hot. Ugh. It was awful. I ended up walking more of that mile "run" than I wanted to.

Proof that yours truly did, in fact, go for a run this morning with the three kids (all bundled up since it was only 50 out when we left!)
In other news, baby munchkin is 10 months old today! Isn't it such a great age? I wish I could freeze her like this and keep her as my little baby forever. I wish I had more time to snuggle her- she is such a "sweetie girl" as Lily like to call her :)
Can you see her one tooth??

 Happy Almost Friday friends!

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