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Did we switch him too soon?

Tuesday Tag-Along


 Hello Tuesday Blog Hop visitors! I hope you like some of the new changes I have made to the blog. I am slowly learning more about the blogging world and figuring out how to make this blog my own!

 I have a question for you: How old were your kids when you switched them to a "Big Boy" or "Big Girl" bed?  We switched Jonah a few months ago, and are still struggling almost nightly with him constantly getting out of bed. Did we switch him too soon? Would it be better to just stick it out and keep him in his bed, or should we put him back into the crib? I wouldn't really care that much if he had his own room, however, now that all three kiddos are in the same room, this has been causing some problems.... He gets out of bed and turns on the light (every night, multiple times), waking baby sister; he climbs up into big sisters bunk bed, wanting to play; he drags all of his blankets, pillow, and stuffed animals out of his bed and scatters them all over the floor; once I caught him emptying everything out of baby sister's dresser; he often plays in his own dresser too; sometimes he also comes out of their room to play in our room or "visit" us here in the living room. So, I guess I am wondering if we should put him back in the crib since he is constantly keeping his sisters awake with his night time wanderings. Thoughts? Ideas?
Jonah- the escapee-  right after we found his long lost bear :) He's so stinkin cute.


Mommy of two said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. We put out little girl in her big girl bed when she was about 18 mos. We started with one of those real low to the ground ones. She slept great in it for the first few weeks. Then, she started to sleep by the door. We'd put her back in bed every night. One night, she just decided she was going to sleep in her own bed....and has been ever since! :) I'd love for you to follow me back.


C's Mommy said...

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Our son is 17 months and we haven't switched him yet

mom2boys said...

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I LOVE your banner of your kids in the cars - SO cute! I am following you back from Follow Me Tuesday! :)

Survey Junkie said...

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♥Georgie♥ said...

I forget when we switched beds(mine are teens now)...BUT he is adorable!!!! I am stopping by from FMBT and am your newest follower

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Momma Chantal said...

I have always read never to go backwards. I think if you give him the OK to sleep anywhere in the room as long as he doesn't bother his sisters, it might not be as much of a fight? What are the rules right now? Maybe if there are only 2 rules, 1)stay in the room 2) don't bother your sisters, it will be easier for him to follow? I am just guessing since mine aren't that old yet. :)

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

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I think it depends on what his reaction will be. If you put him in his crib and he climbs out he could get hurt. But if he'll stay there, I say go for it. Thing is, if you tell him you're going to do it - stick to your guns and do it the first time you say it. Good luck.

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~J said...

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My older kids went to a 'big kid' bed at around 12/18 months...My 3 year old however..will not vacate my king sized bed. ;)

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