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Terrible Two's??

I don't think so!!! Try tremendously terrible THREE's!
I will admit, I am having a tough time parenting lately. Not my sweet, perfect, angelic little Kate, but my strong-willed, independent, stubborn, loud 3 1/2 year old, and my whiny, cry-baby, also loud, clumsy 2 year old. Oh my. This by far, is the hardest stage I have gone through in my almost 4 years of parenting. It makes the baby days seem like a piece of cake!
My 3 1/2 year old does not seem to understand the fact that she is a kid. A little kid even, at not even 4 years old. She thinks of herself as my equal, and lately, that is how she treats me and talks to me as well. Please tell me how to nip this in the bud immediately!! She tries to tell me what to do, as well as tell her siblings what to do. She tries to scold me and discipline her little brother. How do I get it through her little 3 year old head, that Mommy and Daddy are the boss and she does not get to act or talk in that manner. She has always been quite a handful for me to deal with, but lately, my patience is wearing thin before morning snack.
On top of this power struggle, is my 2 year old. He whines about everything. I am not exaggerating. He cries and whine all day long. It's not an attention thing. He gets plenty of attention from me during the day. In fact, he and his older sister take up so much of my attention, that poor sweet little Kate does not get an ounce of the attention she deserves during the day. How do I stop the whining?? Goodness, I just feel a bit out of control with these kids lately. I can hardly take them anywhere by myself. If Daddy is there too, it is more manageable. They actually listen to him. Most of the time. Guess that helps, huh?
This is definitely a venting post, which is good because that's why I starting this whole blogging deal to begin with. Anyone with some advice on how to handle these two that are driving me nuts almost daily, please help! I want to enjoy my kids and have a great summer with them.
I've heard that 4 is better. Let's pray it is.


Our Funny Little Family said...

Well I don't have any good advice but I am going through the same exact thing with Emma right now (the whining all day long...) All of a sudden she's falling apart over every little thing. Yesterday she cried for literally 30 minutes because there was a small bug on the outside of our window. And she had another episode when Bella jumped on to our kitchen table. And all day long all I hear is "momma, momma, momma, or mine mine mine or the newest one me, me, me? She falls apart everytime I say no to anything. (which feels like all day long because she asks me the same things over and over again) I miss my tough little girl!

I don't know how you handle three, I'm trying not to kill my one.

Katie L said...

Hey Lauren -
In terms of whining when asking for anything, be it a snack or mommy's attention, we tell our girls it must be with a "please and a smile." It hasn't eliminating the whining, but at least it has shortened it, as the girls now sign or say "please" and put a cheesy grin on their faces. The act at least breaks the attitude and redirects the focus. (And it reminds me to laugh once in a while) Redirection seems to work best for us in most things anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, we've always said "I don't understand you" when she whines. I treat it as though she is speaking another language and I am a benignly confused foreigner. I almost always make her follow a preset pattern to get what she wants (Mommy, MAY I please have....) and if it is something she can't have/do now I say, "Yes you can, as soon as X" to try to answer in the positive as much as possible. The willfullness part with Lily is HARD. I will say things like either she can behave or go to her room. I wil ignore her or simply separate. I'm probably a bit more like Jake than you in that we are kindof on the stricter side and less tolerant. I wish you all the luck and every day tell yourself you are doing your best and they know you love them - THAT's the most important part of parenthood, kids know they are loved