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Home Again, Home Again

We are home again. Whenever we go away, either with the kids or without, I always get super motivated to do all of the things I want to with the kids. This time, I am motivated to potty train Jonah, start my new summer schedule with the kids, go running every morning (okay, maybe every other morning), finally kick our bedtime struggles in the butt, and have Kate finally sleep in the kids room rather than the living room. whew! I know this sounds great and crazy at the same time, but I am the type of person that will get really excited about something, and talk about it and even do it for a while, but then, once my routine gets interrupted, or I forget about it for a little while, everything fizzles out. It drives my husband a little bit crazy. I have tons of great ideas, but I don't always do anything about them. BUT, this morning, our first morning back to the daily grind, I went running!! With all three kids! Lily rode her bike around the track while I ran with Jonah and Kate. So far, I have stuck with my schedule. Granted it is only 9:21am, but still. We got up, ate breakfast, got dressed, got everything ready to go out running/biking, actually went running/biking, came home, put Kate down for her nap, took my shower. Now the kids are finishing up the show I put on for them so that I can shower in peace, then it will be snack time and out for our daily morning escapades! Today I am thinking it will be the beach. Might be a bit ambitious, but its already quite hot out, and with 3 kids under 4, if I don't just get out and do it, I never will, and I will become a grumpy, fat, lazy mom who sits on the couch all day blogging about how unhappy I am while my kids destroy the living room. Because that really would be easier than sticking to my schedule and trying to get everyone out the door in once piece, fully clothed. But that would not be best for anyone. Plus the kids love the beach and we have lots of new sand toys to break in :)


Chantal said...

Sounds great!! I am the SAME WAY! I always have big plans! My type A personality demands it :) I have also started running, and have been going strong for 2 weeks now. (Except for this morning when it was too hot). I have even been running in the rain! It is hard work pushing a double stroller, huh?! I watch people run by me who aren't pushing even 1 stroller and I think "ha! I'm pushing 100 pounds while I run!" (even though it prob isn't 100 pounds). Keep up the good work! Have fun at the beach!!

Our Funny Little Family said...

Hey good job!

I am the same way as well, and it really drives Adam crazy too. Like wicked crazy. Oh well. But I was really good this morning too! I did a thirty minute pilate video and then went for a long walk. And I just ordered Adam and I an exercise video (a scary Jillian Michaels' one that requires hand weights and stuff) and am feeling confident that I'm really going to stick with it this time. We should keep each other accountable! And I'm totally making Adam do the video with me. Even though he will probably lose weight waaay faster than me because boys always do.