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My last couple of posts were a bit on the negative side, so I thought it would be good to highlight some of the good that has been going on too. The good times, of course, are the most important to remember and think back on, as those are the times that often get us through the rough times.

Some good things that have happened in the past week or so:
- Mommy and Daddy got to go out on a date night which consisted of take out Chinese that we brought to the harbor to watch the sunset. Then we walked to the beach and across the sand and looked at the amazing clouds. It was pretty much an awesome date night.

- We have been swimming at the beach (different than the one mentioned above) almost everyday this past week. So fun.

- Jake took off of work from Friday through Tuesday, so we got to see Daddy for 5 straight days!

- We went to Drumlin Farm yesterday and we all had a great time. Best time we have had as a family in quite a while. Kids behaved themselves (amazing, right?!) but had lots of fun with all the animals.

- The new bedtime routine is working well (we are 2 night in) so we are hopeful that it will continue to work it's magic.

- Kate is now sleeping unswaddled! Hooray! Yes, it does take her a bit longer to fall asleep now, but it still feels like a great accomplishment!

- Best of all, Lily earned 10 stars on her chart, so she gets to pick something to do together as a family this weekend. She is so excited and proud of her 10 stars :)

- Mommy has been trying so hard to control my patience and to really focus of the positives, which has been helping.

- Mommy has also started a new book: " Raising Your Spirited Child", which feels like it was written for me. Hopefully this book will give me new confidence and hope for our future raising our spirited daughter.

Wow- look at that list! Let's keep it up!

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Chantal said...

Have you heard of the book Nurture by Nature? It is a fabulous book that goes through the Myers Brigs (sp?) personallity traits as they relate to children. I have been told it has given parents HUGE insight into how to handle their children as individuals, especially if their personality is different from yours. It is a very popular book at my Mom to Mom at church. I bet you could order it through inter library loan. If I was closer I would let you borrow my copy :) I think Lily is at the perfect age to find out what her personality traits are and the book gives you concrete ideas on what tactics work for that type of personality. Just wonderful!! :)