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It's up to Mommy

After observing my days with the kiddos, and lots of trial and error, I am finding that the biggest thing that affects our day and whether or not it will be a good day or a looooong tough day, is my attitude. I guess that seems like a no brainer, but you know, it's really true. And man, that puts a lot of pressure on mommy. When I am annoyed or in a grumpy mood, I am not the type that can just push it aside and look ahead at the good the day can bring. That person would be my husband. I, on the other hand, am the type that needs to sit in my grouchy mood and get over it in my own good time. Unfortunately, being a mommy of a 3, 2, and 6 month old, there is not usually moment where everyone is being the sweet little angels that I know deep down they are. Usually, someone is making mommy upset. And often, I have a hard time letting go of that. With that being said, those days are rough. Mommy is grouchy. Kids are grouchy and uncooperative. I hate days like that because I can only seem to focus on the bad rather than the good. So, I have been trying REALLY hard to improve my attitude and letting go of the grumpy mommy and trying to let things slide off more easily. Proudly, I can say that today, I was successful! We had a good day- Lily was listening much better and was more helpful to me around the house and with her siblings. Jonah's 10 minute tantrum about his truck didn't phase me one bit. When I keep a good attitude and don't let things get to me, the whole house is a much happier place. And I want it to be that way as often as possible. I don't want my kids to think back on their childhood and remember me as always being a negative grouch that says "no" to all of their requests. So that means that mommy is going to have to work really hard and make a conscious effort to change. These kids deserve the best, so for my kids and our sanity, I will change. I just have to. Here are some cute pics from our good day today :) See, happy kids! Hooray!


Our Funny Little Family said...

Good for you! :) I feel the same way, only with productivity. If I'm in a super lazy unmotivated mood then Emma gets really cranky because we're not doing anything fun. And that makes me cranky that she's cranky and then I'm even more unmotivated. It's a vicious cycle!

Our Funny Little Family said...

also you should follow "The Meanest Mom" blog (Her link is on my blog). I guarantee you will laugh with every post! She makes my day :)