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You are almost 7. 

You are extremely excited for your birthday and you remind us daily that it is almost here.

Yesterday, you told me "After I am 7, I will be 8! I can't believe how big I am!" 

I sort of can't believe you are going to be 7. 

I remember thinking, when you were a baby, that in no time you would be in 1st grade. Well, here we are. I blinked and now you are going to be starting 1st grade in less than a month! 

Here are some of your favorite things right now: 

- You love your friends. All of them. Even though you love all of your friends, you have a special place in your heart for Max, Grace, Jacob and Emma-Jean. 

- You love to write. And I love this about you. You have been writing since you were 3 years old and now you are on to writing stories that are pages and pages long. I can't wait to read more. 

- You also love to draw. You work so hard on your art and you love to illustrate your own books. 

- You are extremely athletic and so far, have done amazingly well in every single sport you have tried. You are great at soccer, baseball, gymnastics, swimming, running and biking. I have a hard time choosing which sport to sign you up for because there are so many you like! This fall, we are continuing with soccer, because that seems to be a wonderful fit for you, and you are VERY good! This summer you have been working on your diving, back flips and back dives in our neighbors pool!

- You love to sing and put on plays for us, although you are still a bit shy to do it in front of other people. 

- You love babies. So much. And they love you! I think you will be a great babysitter someday. 

- You absolutely love your yellow blanket that Aunt Beth made you when you were 2. It is pretty much falling apart, and smells kinda weird, but you insist it's your favorite and you won't let Aunt Beth make you a new one. You even love how it smells. 

-You also love Twinkle. Your pink stuffed bear you made at Build a Bear with Sara. You can't sleep at night if you don't have Twinkle and your yellow blanket. 

- You are very smart and a great student at school. I love how much you love learning and love school. 

- You love to read. This past year you have taken off with your reading and now can really read anything on your own. And you love to read to Jonah and Kate, which is always so nice to see :) 

- You love being outdoors.

- Last night you told me that your three favorite foods right now are couscous, yellow rice (curried rice) and zucchini. 

- You call Lily Pads/Lily flowers your "sisters" 

- One of your favorite movies is How to Train Your Dragon

- You still get pretty upset when you don't get your own way, but you are working hard on that, and Daddy and I are really proud of you.

There are many more things that you love in this life, but these are the ones that really stick out. 

I love you Lily! 

Last day of soccer!

Ready for a beach day with Max

Last day of Kindergarten (and field trip day, hence the yellow shirt)

At Tim and Ginger's wedding with just Mommy and Daddy.

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