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Today was a frustrating day. 

It was just one of those days.

Nothing overly horrible happened today. But it was one of those days where little things just build and build and your husband comes home from work and can see the stress on your face and in your posture and graciously takes the kids all out for a walk just to give you 20 minutes of quiet. 

It was one of those days. 

A day the kids threw a fit whenever I gave them an answer they didn't want. 

A day they used mean and inappropriate words when they were angry. 

A day I felt like I couldn't take them anywhere.

A day I felt slightly overwhelmed by my own kids. 

I hate that feeling. Feeling like my kids are controlling me rather than the other way around. 

Usually it doesn't feel like that, but occasionally we hit a weird off day, like today, and we are out of whack. 

Days like today make me question, ever so slightly, if 4 might be much. 

I don't think so though. I know that every mom that has ever lived has had a day like today. Even mom's that have adopted. And days like today are not our everyday, thankfully.

Today is a day that the laundry I did last night still needs to be folded. 

A day the clean dishes in the dishwasher still need to be put away and the dirty ones still need to go in. 

A day I am in my pajamas at 7pm. 

A day that I really didn't want to make dinner but sucked it up and made it anyway. Thankfully it was good. 


even though today was an off day, and they drove me completely nuts, 

our evening was made up of a family dinner, kids playing, and best of all, cuddling on the couch while reading bedtime stories. (we are BIG Fancy Nancy fans over here)

The kids went to bed, happy and knowing they are loved. 

We ended this rotten day the right way. 

And tomorrow is a new day- His mercies are new every morning. 


Samantha Nicole said...

"His mercies are new every morning." Amen.

Thanks, Lauren, I needed to hear that tonight too. :)

Hugs! <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping me feel normal! It's hard to admit how much the little things add up and make the whole day seem bad, even though I often get to the end and realize that nothing horrible actually happened - I was just off and so the kids were too. At least, that's usually how it goes.
Evenings are such special times. I love looking around the living room at all of us - laughing, snuggling, wrestling, praying, whatever - and feeling such peace in those moments. I'm glad you have them too!

- Emily