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Changes are happening in our house, friends.

 My baby girl is turning 3 on Friday. THREE. 

Say it ain't so!

We have no more babies in our house. Dare I say, we have no toddlers anymore either? 

Kate has been wearing her big girl underwear ("It's not UNDIES! It's underwear!!" -Kate) now since June. 

She had her very last day in the church nursery yesterday (tear.) and will start going to Little Lambs with her big brother next week. 

She is extremely verbal and independent. I think the fact that she is the youngest of three kids that are close in age plays a big role in that. 

She is a feisty little one that knows what she wants. And is really good at letting you know things she doesn't like.

It is so hard for us to believe that my crazy pregnancy with her began 3 1/2 years ago. How could that possibly be that long ago. Even though they all melted away once she was born, those fears and worries and statistics still sting and we are continually amazed that our sweet munchkin is here with us.

Despite a difficult year trying to figure out what has been causing Kate's vomiting, she has been a seriously amazing little trooper and has handled everything perfectly. 

Our little family is changing, shifting out of the baby/toddler stage, and into the school-age phase. I'm not sure  how I feel about this. It is fun and exciting, but we are also sad that there are no more babies around. I guess that's just how it goes, but it certainly isn't easy. 

My littlest girl is quickly becoming a big girl, even faster than she should because of her older brother and sister. Kids try to grow up a million times faster than they should. 

Even though she tries to sing along to a One Direction song with Lily or joke about poop with her brother, I am embracing the remaining "little girl"aspects of her, like her love of little babies and taking care of them, her love of coloring and dress up, her love of her little stuffed animals and blankets, and her sweet little voice.

We are moving on, into a new stage of life, and leaving this old one behind. Thankfully we have hundreds of pictures to look back on to remind us of this crazy, fun, sweet, adorable stage we are saying goodbye to. 

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