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The first few weeks

Well, the beginning of the year has come and gone and we are finally settling into a bit of a routine with our new fall schedules. 

Lily is absolutely loving school and I am thrilled! Sadly she has to miss the last 2 days because she was hit hard with a 24 hour tummy bug, but thankfully she is back to her lively self. 

She is making friends and is so happy every day when we go pick her up. She is still saying that her favorite part is having lunch at school :) But I know that she is loving every part of the day.

Lily also started gymnastics last week! I signed her up at the Y, and although it is a bit noisy and chaotic, she had a great first class and can't wait for her next class tomorrow. This is our first experience with the Y, and although I was a little intimidated by it, so far all has gone well. 

Jonah has also started school- he is back in the blue room with the wonderful Miss Amanda and Miss Deb! He is loving it and is such a good friend and helper at school. I love that he has a place that is his place, a place away from his sisters. 

I have had to tweak our schedule around now that Lily is in full time school and gets out at 2. It has been a bit of a pain, I will be honest, since I usually have 1 or 2 napping kids when 2pm rolls around. But, we have made some adjustments, and now it is do-able. I don't like keeping the kids awake an extra 1.5 hours just to walk over for 10  minutes to pick Lily up, but it is working for now. 

I will say that it is weird having Lily gone for so much of the day. It makes me sad that I don't get to see her as much anymore, but I am so glad that she is really loving school and is having a great experience. And one of my new favorite times of the day is right after I pick Lily up, and the other 2/3 kids are in bed/quiet time, and it is just me and Lily (while she is having a snack before her quiet time). She tells me all about her day, and her friends, and shows me everything she brought home from school. It is so nice to spend such good quality time with just her. 

Hopefully the kids will be just as excited about school in the spring!

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