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I've been feeling a bit crafty lately, so I turned to Pinterest (where else!) for some inspiration.

First up, our new advent calendar. 

It was super easy to make. I just used a piece of scrap wood, 24 clothes pins, paint and construction paper.

Just paint and decorate how you want, glue the clothes pins down, and add the paper. Jake and I really like experiences more than toys/candy, so each day is a fun Christmas/winter activity to do with the kids.

    -Go on a Christmas hayride
    -color a Christmas picture
    -build a snowman
    -bake a birthday cake for baby Jesus
    -make a Christmas decoration
    -do a Christmas craft
    -make/buy special ornaments
    -Go sledding
    -make paper snowflakes
    -have hot chocolate and cookies
    -go pick out gifts for siblings
    -go to the library and get Christmas books
    -bake Christmas cookies
    -Charlie Brown movie night
    -make cards for mailman
    -bake cookies and bring them to a neighbor
    -make Christmas cards for friends
    -make a gingerbread nativity scene
    -Do something nice for someone
    -sing carols
    -go out and look at Christmas lights
    -open one gift (Christmas eve)
    -Go out for a special breakfast
    -Paint a Christmas picture

    It turned out really well (better than the pictures) and the kids love to see what the new activity is each day.

 Next was a simple project for our mantel:

All I did for this was search through the kids' blocks and find the letters I needed, then paint :)

So simple, but it looks really cute on the mantel.

This one is straight from Pinterest, but is oh so cute :)

Lily's hands are on the bottom, Jonah's in the middle, and Kate's on top. They had a blast making this, and it is displayed proudly on the mantel.

Hopefully this is just the beginning, and there will be lots more crafts to come :)

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