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My miracle :)

Well, as usual, we are keeping busy, which is why my blogging is down to about one post a week.

Thankfully, Kate has been fine since her most recent episode. Jake and I are still feeling rather unsettled about it though, not quite sure what is going on with her. I am not a fan of the whole "wait and see" approach. But she is as cute as ever and I just can not believe that our little miracle baby is about to be TWO in just a couple of weeks! Jake was just telling Kate's story to some friends the other night, and it reminded me just how amazing it is that our little Kate is here with us today. Jake told me that he still gets phone calls about it and that we are the first documented case of continuing a pregnancy with the Mirena IUD in utero. Wow. To think about what could have happened... well, I just won't go there. Kate sure has one amazing story with an even more amazing God watching over her. I am so so thankful for that little girl and I can not imagine our family without her!

My little monkey :)

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Momma Chantal said...

Every time you mention it or I see her sweet face in a photo I get chills! God is so amazing!