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 The carpet is in! It looks awesome. The pictures really don't do it justice- it looks about a hundred times better in person. (Sorry, I couldn't seem to get a good picture of the carpet in any of the bedrooms)

Jonah's "Oh Bother Blue" room :)

Lily and Kate's "Barely Pink" room

note the new windows too :)
The trim on the windows still needs to go back on, but that is a minor detail that will be completed whenever we get a chance. There are more important things to work on right now :)

And Jake is putting in our new kitchen floor tonight! I'll try to go over tomorrow and take a picture of it.

 I was also able to go over on Saturday and paint the kitchen. The color looks great, but the kitchen still looks pretty funny since we didn't paint where the cabinets will go, so it looks very unfinished. But, at least there is color!

not a great picture of the paint, but it will be a good "before"picture.

new Lauren

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