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Tomorrow is Jake's first day back to work since we bought the house on March 31st. I think he is pretty bummed that he will be losing 8 hours a day to work on the house. There are still a couple major projects that need to be worked on: the siding, kitchen (that's last), insulation, and windows. Jake installed the first new window on Friday (it looks awesome, by the way!) AND he installed our new sliding door!

Our new backdoor and new window. There was no window there before, so Jake had to take down the interior wall (to also widen the doorway) and cut out a spot for the window. I am so glad we decided to put a window there, it looks great!

Another shot of the new backdoor and window in the kitchen. Didn't he do a great job?!
Before the sliding door:

After sliding door:

Yay! Doesn't it look SO much better? I love it. And the slider has blinds that are built in between the glass so I don't have to clean them and the kids won't destroy them! Hooray!

Jake is painting Jonah's room right now, so that means that all rooms, except the kitchen, are done! Carpet should be installed, in bedrooms only, by the end of the week. Jake is planning on refinished the hardwood floors (living room, dining area, and hallway) this week, and I think that the blown-in insulation is getting done this week too!

It is amazing to see so much getting done. Our to-do list is getting much smaller and the finished product is in sight! The inside of the house will be done SO soon, it's beyond exciting! The kitchen won't be done until the first or second week in May when our cabinets arrive.

Jonah boy "helping". AKA, getting in the way and touching everything!

 I am so impressed with my hubby- he is amazing :)

There's my handyman :)
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