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I am learning that if you are in the market for a house, things can happen fast. Really, really fast.

Jake and I aren't used to that. We are planners. We are researchers (okay, Jake is). We like to think about things, looks them over, research a lot, pray, and then come to a decision.

It doesn't really work like that when you are searching for a house. You could be waiting and waiting (like we have been), with no good houses coming on the market. Then one day, a house comes up on your listing. It looks kind of interesting. You do a drive-by. It looks okay, but you're not too sure. An hour later your realtor calls and says "Have you seen this house?! You need to go look at it now!" Okay, Okay. A few hours later (after some great outlet shopping in Kittery) you go look at the house. It is small and needs a lot of TLC (cosmetics) but its an awesome neighborhood. You can see the elementary school from the house. It's a great corner lot. It's in the exact neighborhood that you have been wanting. The house has lots of potential. Your realtor says this house will go fast, within 48-72 hours. Whoa. What to do?

Well, the house is in your price range. Low enough that you don't have to borrow the full amount you are pre-qualified for (awesome, right?!) and you would have enough savings left over to do the work that needs to be done (including a new kitchen with new appliances! Yay!). What to do?

Put in an offer. That night.

Real Estate can be crazy fast sometimes. But that's exactly what happened to us yesterday! And, we will find out sometime today, before 5pm, if our offer is accepted! This house is not a short sale, which is AWESOME, but it's moving so fast because it's an estate sale, which means that grandma died and the family just wants to get rid of it.

The house itself, the shell, is in great shape. Best one we've seen so far. The inside needs help. Take down wallpaper, paint, new windows, new kitchen, refinish floors, new electrical (SO thankful my father in law in a master electrician!), eventually a new roof. Thankfully this is all work that Jake knows how to do himself :) I love having such a handy man for a husband! And we are already talking about putting a second story on it in a few years, after we can save some $$$.

SO, we will find out today what's going to happen! It's all happening SO fast! We would be closing in just over a month- how crazy is that?! We would appreciate your prayers! If it doesn't work out, we know that God has something else in store for us, but if it does work out, then we are starting quite an adventure! 

I'll keep you posted :) 

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Him, Me, Wee 3 said...

how exciting! either way- it'll all work out in the end. good luck!

Mommy said...
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Mommy said...

Yeah!!! I fully expect to be asked to take your lovely kiddos for a few mornings of packing, painting, nesting, etc. if the sale goes through.

Sharon said...

Marc and I will be praying and looking forward to hearing how things go. God is in control!