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Enough snow already!

This snow is getting a little ridiculous. We have had at least one BIG snowstorm every week since Christmas. I probably wouldn't think it was a big deal except that my husband is one of 2 in charge of all snow and ice related issues for the whole campus. When it snows, he is the first or second one to go in, no matter what time it is, not to mention snow prep and salting most evenings when everything freezes again. He has been working CRAZY overtime for the past 5 weeks- 70-80 hours weeks.

Now, I am SO grateful for all the $$$ he is making. Payday for all his overtime in January is on the 15th, and I will just say that with his overtime, plus our tax money we have coming, we will be able to add a TON to our down payment savings, which is awesome! So, I am not ungrateful for all this work he is doing, but it just sucks having him gone all the time.

Speaking of down payment, we are still searching for a house. We have a couple that we really like, but are a bit out of our range. So for now, we are keeping our eyes on them, seeing if the price drops at all, and putting any extra money into our ING down payment savings account. God has something in store for us, we are just trying to be patient! It sure is hard to be patient though... I can't wait to have a house with space, and a yard! And a laundry room! And one or two more bedrooms! One thing I am most excited about when we do have a house, is to have a room just for the adults. Right now, every room (all 3 of them!) has kids stuff in it. You have to go through my room to get to the kids room, so obviously, we have kids tromping around and getting into our things all the time. I can't wait to have my own room that I can decorate and not have to baby proof and can lock the door and just sit in the quiet. Our room will be off limits to the kids. Jake and I need a space that is just ours. The kids can take over the rest of the house! Ahhh, that will be so nice.

Anyway, we are snowed in right now, daddy is out plowing, I am waiting for Kate to fall asleep, Lily, Jonah and I are watching The Little Mermaid. Hopefully Jonah will actually take a nap in a little bit. Daddy told him that if he slept, he would take him for a ride in the loader! Jonah is very excited about that, but somehow it's still not enough to make him sleep....

Sweetest little face.

The kids having TONS of fun with sledding with Daddy last weekend!

Yes, those are bikes. All you can see: a little bit of the handlebars and the seat. We are a lot of snow here in Boston!
Happy Snow Day everyone!
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Miranda said...

The pictures are adorable! We're currently looking into houses, we're hoping to buy this summer when our lease is up. It's fun to be able to take our time and be able to be a little picky. A big yard and a nice kitchen are my two MUSTS.

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

Good luck on your downpayment goal! It's definite;y a buyer's market right now.
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Liz said...

Good to stay positive. Sux tho having the hubby gone.

Des said...

Great Site! :-) and a Happy Family! :-)
Found you on the blog hop...

Would ❤ to hear from you too! :-)

Best Regards!

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