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I'm supposed to do what?!

  Find a job.

That's one of the things on my mind lately.

Do I want to?
Yes and No. I want to be able to actually afford a house, instead of drooling over houses we can only dream about. Right now the houses we can afford (on the North Shore of MA) are the ones that look like they need to be torn down immediately before the wind blows them over. Depressing.

It would also be nice to join the adult world again.

But that's what makes the thought of a job so scary to me. How am I supposed to spend 4 1/2 years surrounded by my babies- poop, spit-up, toys, potty training, cooking, more poop, cleaning, the list could go on FOREVER- and then suddenly have to jump into the adult world and be expected to act like an adult?? After becoming a mom, my social skills disappeared. I don't know what happened. Now I am awkward and uncomfortable and don't really know what to do with myself.

I am nervous that I won't be good at my new job (if I can even get one!). I didn't graduate college. I don't have a career to go back to. I still don't even know what I want to be when I grow up.

My husband thinks I should waitress. Definitely not on the top of my list.

I don't know what kind of evening job a 25 year old mommy of 3 can get besides working at Target (do you get a discount if you work there?? Maybe that would be a good choice! In the words of my 4 year old, "I wish we could live at Target!" HA!)

Any advice from you moms that have gone back to work after having kids??
(I am nervously biting my nails even writing this!!)

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Heather said...

that's tough. I am assuming you are looking for an evening job because your husband will be home to watch the kids?

I'm not sure I'd know where to start either. I hope you can find something you enjoy though! What about watching some kids during the day? Having an in home daycare?
Family Friendly Frugality

Liz said...

You are just like me! I have three lil toadfarts (ok, so the last one is a toadfartess...). Lovin your blog!

Following you back via Wed Blog Hop from lil-LIZ-bits, lil-bits from my Homeschooling Navy Wife Life Mom-prenuer adventures. Love to see you on Facebook too!

Mika said...

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Ms. Diva said...

I start school in January to TRY to go back to work. But my kids are older and don't require the constant attention any longer. So, I will be at school while they are at school. I wish I could live at Target too.

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