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 I am feeling bugged right now. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it's partially because I am super hormonal (anyone else get a little crazy when they are weaning?!) right now or maybe it's something else. I don't know. But, I picked Lily up from school today and her teacher said that she had a good day, but she did get upset when the friend she wanted to play with didn't want to play with her. When asked why he didn't want to play with Lily, he said because Lily is too loud. It is true, Lily can be quite loud at times. So at first, this didn't bother me too much. But now, it kind of does bother me. I'm not sure which part bugs me though. I am sad that Lily didn't get to play with her friend. I don't like that there is something (although I am sure there are many things) about Lily that others don't like. By no means is she perfect, but she's only 4. I know that I am being unreasonable- that there are things about every single person that others don't like, and we learn to live with everyone's imperfections. No one is near perfect and that's part of what makes us unique. So, that's why I'm not sure why this is bugging me. But it is, and I feel like I need to just let it out. Hence this blog post. I am not always good at accurately writing or describing my feelings- usually they just come out all jumbled up and don't make much sense until I can sift through them.

Look at this little love bug :)

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Naomi said...

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Heather said...

I can understand being upset over that. It's like at the playground when you see other kids ignore your kid. It just hurts your heart. They might not even realize they are being shunned, but YOU do.

Momma Chantal said...

Oh Mamma Bear! I feel you. I am a huge Momma Bear type. I don't want anyone messing with my children! I look at my little ones and fear their growing up and going out into the cruel world. I wish we could live in a little bubble (sort of like the Gordon bubble!) where no one would hurt the little ones and they wouldn't have to experience pain and meanness. They are so little and innocent, and to think of all the hurt out there. Makes me anxious just thinking about it. I guess the only thing we can do is to teach our kids the comfort of the Lord.

Barefoot Mommy said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean! My son is very huggy (is that a word? ha!) and the other kids sometimes get annoyed with that. My head knows my son is not perfect, but my heart says otherwise. Luckily kids this age forget little annoyances so quickly.