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We've taken the plunge

Well, we've finally done it.

We made an offer on a house!

Our FIRST house!

We have entered new territory. Short sale territory. This house would be great for us, and everything seems to be lining up nicely. But, if you know anything about short sales, then you know that this will most likely be a very bumpy, frustrating road, one that might end with no house. BUT we will see where this takes us... hopefully it will end with us in our first home :)

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Momma Chantal said...

Congrats! We were in a short sale situation for 6 months before we lost our apartment to the fire. It is loooooong and annoying. But it also depends how far into the paperwork they are. When we started our short sale journey it was only a few months into the short sale process, so we were dragged through the mud for most of it. We have friends who bought their house through short sale and their process was only 3 months from offer to move in because the house had already been through most of the bank stuff.

Where is it? What is it like? What is the mls number so we can take a peak at the beauty?!! (I know this is nosey info, but if you want to answer in a private message that would be cool! :)

I hope it goes your way! Will keep your family in prayer!!!

Rachel said...

BEST OF LUCK!! Glad you have found "the one", it is almost like looking for a spouse. We are still in the process of looking for a house, I found one for auction but I'm sure someone will come in at the last minute and jack the price up.

Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood said...

We bought our house as a short sale. It took 5 months but in the end we got a GREAT deal on the house. We were able to buy a house that we never would have been able to afford otherwise. Good luck!!

Trish said...

Following you from the Follow Back Tuesday!

Congrats!!! We bought our first house two years ago, and while we regret the choice of house, we love the fact that we have a house. lol

Lori@Two Daughters, A Husband, and A Minivan! said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from FMBT. Stop by and say hi when you get a chance!

Good luck with the house offer!

Kerry McCullough said...

Congratulations! Moving into our house held some of the best and most frustrating moments. Just take it step by step and have fun with it!