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Ah Monday

Well, we have started our week off with a BANG! We have had a full morning complete with barfing baby, son covered in lighter fluid, daughter screaming at mommy for not letting her paint during lunch, daughter screaming at mommy during 4 minute time-out, son turning on bedroom light at 5:15am waking up baby, and thus entire family. And miraculously, this afternoon has actually been okay! Somehow, I managed to keep my cool during all of this morning's trying events. The hardest thing I have been working on is my attitude. Staying upbeat during the day (even though it is quite a challenge, I will admit in a heartbeat), has been making our days run smoothly, with only minor bumps along the way, no major potholes. If kid a,b or c is making trouble, I deal with the situation, punish (if necessary) and move on. No lingering bad moods or bad feelings toward the situation or child. It has made all the difference!

On another note, I think I am going to take away all things Dora for a little while. Not completely, because I don't really have anything against Dora- she's teaching my kids Spanish! But recently my son has become a little Dora-crazy, and I am not liking this new Dora fix he is on, or the huge 30 minute tantrums that follow when I reject his "Dora Please" request to watch yet another Dora show. So, we'll see if he notices tomorrow when Dora has magically taken a vacation from the Kreyling house.
Another thing, I am not too happy that it is 3:40pm and I have already changed 5 poopy diapers. Yes, that's right, 5. Gross. I am so sick of my house always smelling like poo.

Okay, baby crying + kids coming in from outside = end of current post.


Momma Chantal said...

Good to hear that you are feeling happier with your days! When does Lily go back to school? I am sure you will get a bit of a break when she is having fun there for a few hours :)

I know what you mean about all the poop! I feel like my nose is constantly smelling poop even when there isn't any!

Sassy Sites! said...

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Marni @ Sassy Sites!

funfunfun said...

Beautiful children!
Following from Mingle Monday...would love to have you follow back.