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Today... (warning: Long Post!)

...was a tough day.
I was so excited because we had a great morning planned, complete with best friends coming over for a tasty blueberry muffin and strawberry breakfast, playtime, and a special trip to the Bradley Palmer State Park wading pool! Sounds like an awesome morning doesn't it??

I did not take into account that my children, excluding the baby, tend to go CRAZY when guests come over, not to mention a playmate.

I did not take into account that my son seems to only enjoy water for the first 5 seconds, and then likes to wander.

I did not take into account how great playgrounds can be when they are overcrowded by loud, running, wet children. These three things put together on a playground are a bad combination.

I did not take into account lunch. How did I overlook that one?? I did bring snacks though.

I did not take into account how long it would take to drive our lovely friends (seriously, I don't know why they put up with us!!) home, past lunch time, past nap time. I guess "flexible" is not in my kids' vocabulary yet...

I did not take into account that when in a booster seat in the car, Jonah tends to unbuckle himself, hence why I recently switched him back into his 5-point harness car seat (which he was lending to his future wife, Emma today).

Now, all of that being said, we did have a fun time at the wading pool. It was not as relaxing as I thought it would be and I definitely learned some things that I need to remember next time we go. I am SO glad I did not attempt this adventure alone, as I would have failed in the first 5 minutes. Definitely a place to bring at least 2 adults, at least in my case, with the 3 little ones. But I hope that Aunt Mel and Emma had fun too! I hope we can have another play date sometime soon, maybe one that is not quite so ambitious or time consuming, since we still have such demanding napping schedules.

Kate cried most of the way home from the wading pool due to tiredness. Poor girl. Thankfully, Jake is home for lunch when we get home, so I have him put Jonah to bed (about an hour after he usually goes down) and I get Kate ready for her nap. Kids in bed, good. Lily doesn't want lunch right away, instead she wants to do arts and crafts. Okay, that's good, gives mommy some time to eat lunch since she only remembered to bring snacks and water for the kids. Afternoon went pretty well, aside from Jonah not napping for 1 1/2 hours. I take him out of bed to give him lunch. I suspected that was the reason he wasn't sleeping, besides his huge stinky diaper. Seriously, this kid needs to be potty trained. Tomorrow! Jonah eats, and I put back down for nap. I thought he was asleep, but no. I don't know how many times I went in overall, but it was a lot. I just gave up eventually. Thankfully, Kate took a killer nap (12:45-3:30!) and even better was that Jonah didn't wake her up with all of his talking, singing, playing, getting out of bed, and so on.
Jake comes home from work and goes out back to go for a swim to cool off. Lily learns that he left without her. Meltdown. Oh boy. You could hear the screams from a mile away. Meanwhile, I am trying to nurse Kate. Jonah manages to escape outside, where Lily is still screaming, and I am yelling at Jonah to get back inside since I was nursing and not able to go out with him. Of course, no one listens, so Kate gets a rain check for that feeding and is hauled outside to partake of the madness. I try to get Jonah inside, which results in, of course, a meltdown. Lily and Jonah, both outside screaming. Finally Jake gets in the game, running down the steps from the backyard and together we wrangle our screaming children inside to contain the madness. Eventually everyone calms down, to some degree, and we focus on dinner. No one really thought about a dinner plan for tonight, so we decided on breakfast for dinner. It was a hit. Even Kate liked my omelet.
To try to end our night on a good note, we get ready for our nightly family walk around campus. I am cleaning up Jonah and Kate, Jake and Lily go out to get the stroller from the garage. I look out the window to see Lily running with the stroller, Jake running behind her saying, "No, Lily!', Lily letting go of the speeding stroller, and we all watch as it crashes right into our new car. The car we have not even had for 2 weeks. The car that we had to bring back to the dealer because the roof was slightly smashed. Yep. It now has a nice new dent on the passenger side door. Nice way to end the night right? So we head out on our walk, 5 minutes later, Lily crying uncontrollably, Jake quite angry, me exhausted with a headache, Jonah without a care in the world, saying "Dent, dent, dent" over and over, and Kate spitting up and chewing on the strap of the stroller. One big happy family.
Now, finally all kids are in bed, sleeping. Jake is at a missions meeting at church. Dishes are done, floors clean (for the most part), toys put away. I am very much enjoying the hum of the AC and the absence of screaming crazy children. Just a day in the life the the Kreylings. I wonder what craziness tomorrow will bring.

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Our Funny Little Family said...

Oh man, I'm sorry the rest of your day was so crazy! Ours wasn't much better... Emma woke up screaming bloody murder (and screamed for the next hour, refusing to eat or do anything) I finally took her for a walk where she tried over and over and over to climb out of her stroller. Back home where she screamed and threw fits while i made dinner. Daddy came home and she was all smiles for half an hour until I put her to bed where it took over an hour for her to fall asleep. Also Bella went for an adventure outside again and I didn't even know it. Adam found her when he came home. But yes we should still attempt another playdate sometime Or let's just drop them all off at a sitting service ;)