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10 Stars

Lily earned her 10th star on Friday night, so that meant that part of Saturday was devoted to doing something special that Lily picked! We were so excited that she earned her 10 stars! We are really trying to praise her when she does something well. Lily decided that she wanted to go to the bakery (again). I tried to tell her that she can pick anything she wanted, even something that we've never done before. We want to make it a BIG deal- something really special. But she's only 3, so I don't think she quite understands what all of her options are. So, alas, we went to the bakery again. But, it's an awesome bakery, so we weren't complaining one bit!
To start off our bakery trip, I told Lily to pick out a "special outfit". This is what she picked out! She looked SO cute!!

Next, I told her to go pick a "special book" to bring in the car. She was quite excited about this. She picked "God Thinks You're Wonderful" By Max Lucado. I can't believe she didn't pick a princess book!

Jonah and Lily excited to head out to the bakery!

I told Lily that she could pick anything she wanted (even if it was a cupcake), but she wanted the donut covered in sprinkles- her favorite :)

Sprinkle Mouth!

We had a great trip to the bakery. Thank you Lily for earning your 10 stars! We can't wait to celebrate together as a family when you get 10 more stars! (She already has 5!!)

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Our Funny Little Family said...

I'm so impressed that this system works :) And on the plus side you get to go to the bakery... I'm going to have to keep this in mind for emma!