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Date Night

Last night, Jake and I had a date night. Not your typical date night, since it ended in us driving home in a new car! That's right, we bought a brand new, 2010 Mazda5. I think all of my van nagging finally wore down the hubby and we compromised by getting this sweet little thing:

It is not as huge as the Honda Odyssey (which I still LOVE and hope to get in 5-7 years when we outgrow this one), but it has the 3 rows of seats that I desperately wanted, plus an extra seat in the back so we can take a passenger, if needed. Plus, it's stick, which we love to drive and will help with gas mileage. We were quite pleased after signing all of the papers. We were getting really excited to drive home in our new car, as anyone would be. Finally, we were outside, standing next to our new car. Jake signs the last paper, we hand Emilio the key to our old Subaru (you will be missed!), and we are getting ready to drive away, when I spot this on the roof of our brand new car.....

Yes, it's damage! The pictures don't show it very well, but there is a large dent in roof and along the strip when the roof racks will go, plus the strip has been ripped and torn away in one spot. It looks as though either something hit it or it got damaged while being transported. Boy, are we disappointed. A new car should be perfect and we should not need to schedule an appointment to get body work done and drive a rental car home when we haven't even left the lot yet!!
Jake is going back today to get everything sorted out. We'll see what happens. He is not very happy about it. After the repairs are done, if it doesn't come out perfectly, then I don't know what we will do. I feel that things like this always happen to me. We can't even have something work out just right. There is always some sort of snag...

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