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The beginning.

Thank you all for the outpouring of love, prayers and support after my last post. It is so encouraging knowing so many people are praying for us and for Hayden. 

Jake did in fact call Massachusetts Family Services to get things going and to get more information and we are waiting for a call back from them. 

We are at the very beginning of this long, exciting, heartbreaking process. 

There is a lot we still need to learn. There is a lot we need to do. 

Right now, my only focus is getting things started. I am not looking too far ahead. I feel like I can't do that, can't look ahead because we don't even know what they will say. We don't know what they will tell us or if they will even let us adopt. 

Right now that is my biggest fear. I am sure as we move along, my fears will change. But right now, my  biggest fear is that they will say "NO". I am afraid that they are going to say no because our house is too small or because we don't make enough money. 

We are taking things one.step.at.a.time. 

I think when you are going through something so HUGE and so EMOTIONAL, you can only take it one step at a time because each step is about as much as anyone can bare. 

We are praying and praying and listening. 

We are hopeful that one day we might be able to open our hearts and our home to a child that needs love and a good home. 

But we are also aware that there is a chance this won't work out at all. Hence, the baby steps. 

Jake is going away for 10 days on Friday to help lead a missions trip to Florida, so I don't expect much to happen until after he gets back.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support! 

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