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I spoke too soon.

Well, after a phone call from Kate's genetic counselor, it looks like we do not yet have a diagnosis for Kate. 

Yes, this is disappointing news. We are trying to stay patient. 

Kate needs to go back and have the labs done again. She is really going to love that. NOT.

One of the things her team is looking at closely did come back elevated for a second time. So, they want to check it for a third time and if it comes back elevated again, then she will need to go back for further testing. 

The further testing would be looking into a possible mitochondrial disease. 

Keep those prayers coming. 

Thankfully, they are giving Kate a little break and she will not be getting the labs done until March, when she goes in for her appointment with her neurologist. 

They did say that they are not worried about it so we shouldn't be either. 

It's just discouraging that this journey is continuing still and we are still searching for an answer. 

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