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Kate's birth story.

3 years ago right now, I had a new little baby just 7 hours old. 

Kate's birth was the shortest of my 3 kids.  

I am sure many of you already know about my pregnancy with Kate, but if you don't, you can read it here.

Even though the risk of my water breaking anytime during my pregnancy was greatly increased, somehow I was still shocked when my water broke at 37 weeks. It was the only one of my pregnancies where I sort of freaked out when it was time to head to the hospital. I hadn't done anything on my "to do" list yet, our bags weren't fully packed yet, I just wasn't ready! 

With all 3 of my kids my water broke on its own. 

With Kate, Jake and I had JUST gotten back from a weekend away- our last hurrah. The night we got back, my water broke around 12:30am. We called Jake's sister, Beth, and she came over to watch Lily and Jonah. 

We headed into the hospital and, because of my previous to labors, told our midwife that I would need pitocin and an epidural. My body is not totally built for labor. With all 3 of my labors, I have intense contractions for hours, and then get stuck at 5cm. It is terribly frustrating, and I am pretty sure I cried during all 3 labors because of how hard and painful it was. So, with all 3, I had to get pitocin to get the labor moving along, and then the epidural so that my body could rest. Once I got the epidural and my body could rest from the contractions, I would start to dilate again. 

Also with all three labors, I was extremely lucky when it came time to push. With Lily, I only had to push for about 7 minutes. With Jonah, it was more like 4-5 minutes. And with Kate, it was about 2-3 minutes of pushing. I know, I am so lucky. Or just amazing at pushing. Yeah, let's go with that. I am amazing at pushing babies out. 

So, with our sweet little Kate, giving birth to her and the IUD was our last obstacle in our high risk pregnancy. My labor went pretty well. I labored for hours until I couldn't take it any longer and was stuck (once again) at 5 cm. I got the epidural, felt a million times better, and then just before 1:50pm, I started pushing, and at 1:50pm on November 16th, our newest little one was born. 

Kate Roxanne. 

Her middle name is for my mother-in-law, who passed away just year (almost to the day) before Kate was born.

They took her away, she cried a bit, and then the midwife had to make sure that I delivered the IUD as well. Thankfully it came out (and they asked me if I wanted to keep it.... I said NO- that tiny piece of plastic almost took my life and my baby's life!), and our 6 month high risk pregnancy was over. And we had a healthy little girl. It was a miracle. Literally. Kate beat all of the odds. According to every doctor we saw, she shouldn't exist. But she does. She is here. Living and thriving. We were beyond thrilled that our little girl was finally here and we knew that she was healthy. 

The only problem I had with my delivery was that my placenta wasn't detaching. I will spare you those details, but I will say that it was incredibly painful and time consuming. 

Moving on..... our little Kate was just perfect and didn't cry much. She was our little observer right off the bat. Looking all around the room, at everything going on.

Our little observer

I love that she is looking right at Jake.

The last few weeks before I delivered Kate, her growth was rapidly declining. The midwives didn't know why that was happening, so we were going to set an induction date at my next appointment. Thankfully, I went into labor on my own and Kate was born the day before we were to set that induction date. 

Since she had basically stopped growing in my belly, she was just 5 pounds 1 ounce when she was born. She was technically a full term baby, she made it by 2 days. 

Because of her small size, she had trouble nursing or taking bottles in the hospital. She also failed the car seat test twice. That means that when she was in her car seat, her breathing dropped too low, and we couldn't bring her home until she passed that test. Well, because she was much smaller than we had expected (Lily was 7lbs 7oz and Jonah was 7lbs 6oz), our infant car seat was too big for her. We had to borrow a special car seat from the hospital for about 3-4 weeks, until Kate was big enough for our seat. The hospital also had to make custom wedges to put next to Kate while she was in her car seat to keep her propped up so she could breathe. 

Kate in her special car seat with her wedges
(The PJ's she is wearing are preemie and they were still huge on her!)
Also, because of her trouble eating, we had a get a fancy pump (well, our insurance had to buy us a pump- thanks blue cross!) and I had to pump. Something that I never really did with my other 2 kids. Thankfully, I didn't have to pump too long and Kate finally took to nursing. Kate also had a bit of a jaundice problem, but that also was resolved quickly.

Considering all that Kate and I were up against during my pregnancy, we are so lucky that our only real troubles were the car seat , jaundice, and nursing problems. All of which are not major issues compared to what we could have faced. 

I was very sad that Lily and Jonah were not allowed to visit us in the hospital because of the swine flu outbreak. I was disappointed that I couldn't get that classic picture of mom, kids and new baby on the hospital bed. And I missed them! Jonah was just 17 months old and Lily had just turned 3. But somehow we managed to come home late Tuesday night, just a day and a half after Kate was born. So, they got to stay up late that night and meet their new baby sister.

Meeting their new sister for the first time!

Kate is truly a gift from God. A little person that we were not planning on, but  is once instance where we are so glad that the plans we made did not work out  :) 

Happy Birthday Miss Kate! We love you!

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